Sergio Ramírez, the most wanted man on YouTube thanks to Luisito Comunica

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It is not a trend on Twitter or Facebook, but it is on YouTube. Sergio Ramírez, who today is a complete stranger to the great network that the Internet supposes, is in search order and capture? for a week by a large part of the YouTube community following a video by Luisito Comunica, one of the Spanish-speaking youtubers with the most subscribers today. The reason? A simple comment that has managed to touch a large number of users.

Who is Sergio Ramírez and why has he gone viral on YouTube?

Although it may seem like a recent viral, the truth is that the history of Sergio Ramírez goes back several months. The commotion caused in the networks by this nice user is due to a comment published by Sergio's profile in one of the most popular Luisito Comunica videos of the well-known youtuber , with more than 25 million visits to date.

The comment in question reads as follows:

“I am 60 years old, I have never gotten on a plane or left the country. Nor do I know the sea. I like to watch your videos because that's how I travel what I never could. "

Two months after the publication of the original comment, many users have dedicated themselves to sending Luisito the publication in question to find out the situation of the person behind Sergio Ramirez's profile.

OLOVORGO, something just occurred to me. Let's get Sergio Ramirez to 100,000 subscribers and push for YouTube to send him its silver button. So then we will know what your address is and we arrive with your silver button AND YOUR FREE TRIP 😱🤯

- Luis El Crack (@LuisitoComunica) August 14, 2019

Later, Rey Palomo, pseudonym of the well-known  youtuber  of Mexican origin, has launched himself in search of this character to reward him with a plane trip to a destination with the sea so that "so he can die having traveled at least once to the sea." in the words of Luisito himself.

Almost 1 million subscribers in a week

What might seem like a joke has ended up becoming one of the most popular viral phenomena in recent years. Beyond the message of the original comment or its viralization, what is a fact today is that Sergio Ramirez's channel on YouTube has reached the scandalous figure of one million subscribers, or almost .

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Currently the channel has more than 950,000 subscribers , growth that no other channel has experienced to date on YouTube. From yesterday to today the number has increased by no less than 200,000 subscribers , and is on its way to one million.

Where is Sergio Ramirez and who is he really?

Although the search for the character on YouTube has not yet ended due to the fact that Sergio Ramirez is missing, some information about his origin and profession is known.

Luisito communicates Sergio Ramirez where is he

Sergio Ramirez, a 60-year-old man of Mexican origin, currently resides in Cuernavaca , a city in the same country and capital of the state of Morelos. His profession, as several users have been able to know based on the comments of the original profile, is a veterinarian, and "keeps an absolute faith in the Virgin of Guadalupe", in the words of the youtuber .

Since then until the moment of writing these lines, several false profiles have tried to supplant the identity of the nice character with the data that Luisito Comunica has made public to date. Such has been the viralization of his profile that even newspapers and newspapers in the city of Cuernavaca itself have launched into the search for Sergio through various news related to the case. Unfortunately, it has not yet been found, although it is not ruled out that it is a macabre joke or a ploy to achieve viralization .