How to fix Hotmail login problem with the new Outlook interface

How to fix Hotmail login problem with the new Outlook interface

Since February 2013, Microsoft has been trying to migrate Hotmail accounts to the new version of Outlook. In fact, for a while now, the old Hotmail interface is no more. Users who resist and use this email regularly access it through a new context: that of Outlook.

The latest step that Microsoft has taken for the unification has made the Hotmail page disappear as such. So when typing, the user is instantly redirected to and there is no trace of this domain in the search results of Google or, of course, of Bing.

There is, yes, the possibility of continuing to use the addresses with the Hotmail domain. It is a perfectly viable option to access and enter an address such as [email protected] along with the password and access the usual mailbox , with the features and mail that you had used so far, but with a new interface and the new services and products offered by Microsoft. Office 365 is one of them, but there is more.

Hotmail login problems

But sadly, not everything has gone smoothly. Some users with Hotmail accounts explain that they have had problems accessing Outlook with their address. In that case, a possible solution is to create a new alias to log in . And it is likely that with this method they can permanently fix the login to your account, without risking losing all your mail and settings or having to create a new account. Here are the instructions to do so.


Steps to fix Hotmail login problem

1. The first thing you should do is access the Microsoft website. Once inside, you just have to click on the Login link , located just in the upper right corner. Here you will need to enter your username and password. You should be able to enter without any problem.

2. Then click on your name in the upper right and on View Microsoft account .

3. Then, just below your profile photo, name and address, click on More actions and select Edit profile .

4. What you have to do next is Manage your login email or phone number . Before taking any other step, the system will ask you to verify your identity. The way to do it is through an SMS that will reach your mobile or through an email message.

In any case, and for this action to take effect, you will need to write the last four numbers of your phone or the full email address.


5. Once identified, you can now add the new email address. This you have to do in the Alias ​​section of the account. You will see that the Hotmail address now appears as the main address, so what you will have to do is enter the one you want to be the main one: it can be with the or domain.

But what exactly does it mean to create an Alias? Actually, each account can have multiple aliases , so you can log in with any of them. You can do this on all the devices and services you use, as long as they are linked to your Microsoft account.

You should also know that all these aliases share a single password and that, in any case, you will always have the option of sending and receiving email from any of them. You will also do everything from the same tray, so you don't miss any mail along the way.


5. As soon as you have entered the new address ( or, the system will return you to the previous page so that you can manage the new email address. Ultimately, all you have to do is Make the new address primary. Then they will ask you for confirmation and if you are sure, you will have to click the Yes button. 


From now on you will be able to access without problems with any of the addresses that you have indicated as Aliases, including those of Outlook and also those of the usual Hotmail. When you want to send a message, you can also choose the address from which you send it. You just have to click on 'From' to choose it in the same email composition window.


If you've had Hotmail sign-in problems, has this alternative worked?