▷ How to add an account and configure Gmail in Outlook 2019

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Gmail and Outlook (formerly known as Hotmail) are the two most established email services on the Internet. Currently both have practically the same functions. One of the most prominent is based on the possibility of adding a Gmail account in Outlook. A few years ago we taught you to do just the opposite, add an Outlook account in Gmail. We also show you how to add multiple email accounts in Gmail. This time we will teach you how to configure Gmail in Outlook 2019 in a simple way and in a few steps .

So you can add a Gmail account in Outlook 2019

Adding a Gmail account in Outlook is not only possible, but also recommended if we want to combine all of our email accounts in a single service.

Before configuring our Gmail account in Outlook, we will have to follow a series of previous steps to allow the reception and sending of Gmail emails in non-Google services through the well-known IMAP configuration.

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To do this, the first thing we will have to do is go to the Gmail Settings , which is in the gear wheel of the upper right bar next to our profile image. We can enter both from the website and from the application for Android and iPhone.

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Then, we will go to Forwarding and POP / IMAP mail and we will check that the option to Enable IMAP in the IMAP Access section is checked . If not, we will have to activate the option manually to give free rein to the receipt and sending of emails from Gmail in third-party services outside the North American company. Now, we can go to the official Microsoft Outlook page or the native application for Windows and Mac.

configure gmail in outlook 2019

Once we have entered our Outlook or Hotmail account and user, the next step will be to go to Outlook Settings; specifically to the option to See all Outlook settings , which is at the bottom. Again we can find it in the gear wheel icon, which coincidentally is in the same place as Gmail.

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When we are in the configuration, we will go to the Synchronize email section and finally click on Gmail to add our Google account. In the event that the Gmail option does not appear, we can select the Other email accounts option to add it manually.

After entering our Gmail account, the window that will appear after clicking on the previous option will be similar to this:

configure gmail in outlook 2019

For Outlook to synchronize all folders, subfolders, directories and emails, we will have to leave the same options checked, which can be seen in the image above . Before clicking Accept, we will have to give the email a name to differentiate it from other Microsoft emails.

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Now, we can now enjoy Gmail in Outlook 2019. To start sending messages and receiving emails we will go to the sidebar and click on the name that we have previously provided, as you can see in the image above.

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It should be added that in the event that we want to send a Gmail email from our Outlook account, we will have to make sure we write our Gmail address in From:, that is, the sender of the messages. If not, the email will be sent automatically from our Outlook address instead of Gmail.