How to visit Mars with Google Earth

How to visit Mars with Google Earth

Did you know that it is possible to visit Mars from your own chair without leaving your home? You only have to download Google Earth to “fly” to the red planet. The function to be able to visit Mars was added to the service some time ago. Thanks to it, you will have the option of viewing images downloaded by NASA just a few hours ago. You can also take an interactive visit to the planet narrated by Ira Flatow, from Public Radio, or by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Another possibility offered by the Mars function of Google Earth is to see 3D models of the exploration vehicles and accompany them on their tours to see 360-degree panoramic views in high resolution. Likewise, you can search for famous places in its landscape. Among them Mount Olympus or the face of Mars. Starting to explore the neighboring planet from now on is very simple. Here we explain everything you have to do.

First steps to go to Mars

The first thing you have to do to visit Mars in 3D from your computer is to download the program through the official site. Once you have installed it on your computer, you will have to enter the tab with the shape of the earth, which appears at the top. Then you will come across a series of options: Earth, Sky, Mars or the Moon. Logically select the one from Mars.

Google earth mars

Once inside, you can choose from any of the places on the Featured Sites tour. Or simply, look on the surface of the planet for some place that you find interesting. Double click on the planet to zoom. You will observe a series of points in different colors. If you click on them you will find different registered areas of interest. We, for example, have gone to a rock mound near the center of the Becquerel crater, which hit the planet and caused a crater 171 kilometers in diameter.

Google earth crater

Featured options

The Mars option in Google Earth offers numerous possibilities to see the red planet in all its splendor. For example, if you are interested in guided tours, you can use this option in the program. In this way you will be able to know the evolution of the planet over the centuries. Specifically, we find two guided tours that are narrated by Ira Flatow and Bill Nye, two popular American science specialists.

Likewise, thanks to "historical maps" it is possible to access old maps projected on the surface of Mars. Both those of Giovanni Schiaparelli and those of Percival Lowell. In the last updates, in addition, certain views of the planet have been added. Every time we find new images from NASA and ESA , making the search for sites on the Martian surface even easier. Something perfect for lovers of astronomy.

historical maps

In any case, the most spectacular addition that was introduced was "Live from Mars" (Live from Mars). It is a layer that continuously displays images obtained by NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft. This means that you will be able to fly through the Odyssey and with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, to visualize what they are exploring and where they are going. All the different layers with the available options are located just to the left of the 3D image of Mars. Start your tour of the red planet and do not miss out on all its great attractions.