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Making invoices may seem like a trivial matter , but when you get involved, things get complicated. If you do not have experience in being a freelancer or entrepreneur and you have not made a bill in your life, it may be that when you have to face this of calculating percentages you will get some good headaches . While it is true that there are programs that will allow you to keep a good control of your billing, we are sure that if you are starting in this world of invoices, you will not need such sophisticated tools. It will be enough, yes, that you are clear about the concepts that should appear on your invoicesand that you know what are the calculations, taxes and other percentages that you have to apply. Normally, the only thing you will have to calculate is the tax base (adding the amount of all the items you are invoicing), VAT and personal income tax if applicable . Check with your manager to know exactly the percentage you need to calculate and that's it.

Today we want to help you with this invoice issue by providing you with a good assortment of templates to use in Excel . Although you also have Word templates at your disposal , the ones that we present today have the advantage of including formulas. What does this mean? Well, if you have to perform sums and calculate percentages, the program will do it automatically within the boxes that are enabled for it. Thus, you will avoid having to take out the calculator every time you have to calculate a percentage.And what is more important: you will not be wrong If you are a disaster in keeping the accounts, you should know that in billing matters, not missing any number is vital. The following templates will make your life easier. And the billing too.

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Download official Microsoft templates

Getting templates to make your invoices in Excel will not be complicated. In fact, it is Microsoft itself that offers a good repository of templates to download from its own official website. You will find them in Word format , but if you prefer to get them in Excel (because of what we have told you about the formulas), you will not have any problem. Unlike. Microsoft has a specific page in which it mixes invoice templates for Word and Excel , although those of the latter are the majority. You can take a look directly at this link or keep reading to find just that template you are looking for.

If you are going to work directly with Excel online (an option that you can use directly in the cloud) you can download a basic invoice , a basic invoice with unit price , a service invoice and a commercial invoice . Everything will depend on what the needs and characteristics of your business are and the services or products you provide as a professional.

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If you plan to work with the Excel program that you have installed on your computer, you will also find templates of all kinds. Thus, you have utility invoices with deposit deduction , current invoices ready to modify and fill out , commercial invoices , invoices with more modern designs  or invoices that calculate the total.

In addition to downloading these sheets and templates to make invoices, from the Microsoft Office templates page you will also have the opportunity to download other documents that will be useful for accounting. You have, for example, a document to keep track of the cash flow statement , track sales invoices , profit and loss balance , credit or debit notes  and even balance sheets .

To enjoy these templates and start working with them, all you have to do is click on each of these links and then click on the Download option . The file will be downloaded directly to your computer and you can open it in the version of Excel you have. Next, you will have to adapt the template with your personal or company data, enter the concepts you want and finally, apply the tax percentages that you need to apply (we refer, of course, to VAT, personal income tax and discounts, if applicable ).


Download templates from other sites

If the templates that we have proposed to download from the official Microsoft page do not convince you, you also have the option of going to other pages with more resources. From the Invoice Model page , which includes resources of all kinds, you have at your disposal the ordinary invoice , the proforma invoice , the corrective invoice and even a delivery note model , in case you also need it.

Then you also have a page with simpler invoice templates, or less elaborate in terms of design, but just as useful, that you can download from Jesús Ferrer's page . These are free templates, for which you will not have to pay a penny and that will solve your billing problem in the blink of an eye. If you have problems or difficulties applying the withholdings, do not hesitate for a second, because on this page there are specific templates to perform automatic calculations of these percentages .

Another interesting option is the one provided from the ExcelTotal website , because in addition to including different templates (most of them official, from Microsoft ), specific instructions are offered to calculate the different concepts and even modify the templates to apply the percentages . We must not lose sight of the fact that most templates do not have the withholdings applied , so that the user will have to be responsible for indicating them manually. If you have doubts in this regard, do not forget to visit this resource.

Here you have a basic invoice for Excel , and another link to directly access InfoAutónomos and download all the types of invoices you need. Remember, yes, that although you can download them for free, you will have to be registered on this page. The added advantage is that you will be able to access very interesting information on billing, taxes and other questions to take into account if you are self-employed.

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We also want to recommend you the ExcelStars page . It is a specific site with templates for the Microsoft Excel program . Here you will find countless resources to be able to make invoices, but also templates to prepare budgets (another document that will be essential if you work as a freelancer). But there is more.

We recommend  an invoice template , available for both SMEs and freelancers , which has been developed from the excelyba.com page . The authors of this page offer us a couple of very well made templates, which are beautiful and also include all the sections you need. As if this were not enough, within this same page that we provide you will find specific and well-prepared instructions so that you know very well how an invoice works, what elements it should include, and so on.

Also, if you dive a bit around the page, you will find specific tips for Excel. So if you weren't sure where to start, here's everything you need to know.