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LG 55E6V Seal Awards OneExpert 2016In recent years the world of television has evolved so fast that the competition has become fierce: increasingly thinner, larger televisions and with revolutionary technologies  in terms of image and sound quality. A good example of this is the television we thoroughly in this article: LG 55E6V of 55 inches with OLED technology, a technology that competes to become the best platform for next - generation TVs.

What are the differences between LED and OLED technologies?

What does OLED mean? An OLED TV does not need a backlight like LED TVs , that is, they do not require light behind the screen. This is because its pixels are organic and electro-luminescent. That is, the light is not rear. The pixels themselves are capable of generating light. The result is perfect control over colors, displaying much purer blacks and much brighter colors. According to data from  LG , they reproduce 99% of the spectrum, several billion colors, and 37% more colors than a traditional LED.


To give us an idea, these LG OLED TVs are capable of reproducing a pure black color 200 times deeper than backlit TVs. OLED technology  offers an image that is very close to what the human eye sees in real life. Against it, OLED technology (in its current state) has a shorter lifespan than liquid crystal, and OLED TVs also have a problem with still images (they stay on the screen over time).

A much slimmer and more compact design

The new LG OLED televisions have the peculiarity of being thinner and more compact in their design. This is due to the fact that the number of layers necessary for its manufacture has been significantly reduced. For the first time an ultra-thin OLED display has been attached to a transparent glass plate. This means that they integrate the hardware of the television in less space, which leaves this equipment at a minimum of 2.4 millimeters thick, allowing it to fit well even in homes with little space.


In addition, at first glance it gives the sensation of holding on by itself, since the LG OLED TV base integrates a powerful sound bar, to achieve a more immersive experience, which disguises the existence of any resistance support. As for its dimensions, this LG OLED 55E6V measures 1237 x 767 x 175 millimeters and weighs only 18 and a half kilos, much less than the normal weight of a television of such an inch.


A very good experience in image and sound

When we talk about whether a television is good or bad we always tend to analyze, with good reason, the image and the sound. It sounds like a cliché but that is precisely where this LG 55E6V makes the difference. Thanks to the addition of OLED technology and content in the HDR Dolby Vision standard , the viewing experience becomes very powerful. It is likely that the words Dolby Vision or the acronym HDR sound familiar to you but you do not really associate it correctly. HDR is the new picture standard carried by most of the latest generation high-end televisions. A technology with which purer colors are achieved.


your expert RecommendSomething that adds to the panel's own OLED technology, with more defined colors, to the point of practically being at the level of the human eye. But also, thanks to the Dolby certification of the LG 55E6V audio,   we have a first-rate audio-visual experience. If we add 4K quality to all this , it becomes a perfect TV to enjoy audiovisual content.

The latest in Smart TV

But at present not only the image and sound live televisions and this LG OLED much less. With the webOS 3.0 platform, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of content easily and quickly. With all the features of the usual SmartTV but equipped to the latest. For example, enlarge an area of ​​the screen to see it in full detail without loss of quality thanks to Magic Zoom . Or synchronize your mobile or tablet to play the contents on your LG OLED 55E6V with the  Magic Mobile Connection .


You can access a good number of applications in the store, such as Netflix, Yomvi, Atresmedia Player or access the best football with Yomvi or Bein Sports. Or simply browse the web in the most comfortable way. And now everything is easier with the  Magic Remote , the smart remote with a motion sensor to control the TV and move through all its options comfortably in a single gesture and enjoy your Smart TV.

Price and reviews

It is clear that we are facing a change of course in the world of televisions thanks to the emergence of OLED technology , which will allow savings in production costs and also in electricity consumption in the medium term. However, the drawback that this type of technology has today is that at the moment it is only being implemented in large-inch televisions, so access is still not possible for those looking for a small TV. The other big problem is that at the moment it is a very expensive technology because it is not fully established. So, this  LG OLED 55E6V TV is available for a not inconsiderable amount of 5000 euros.

LG 55E6V



Size55 inch
Resolution4K UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels
TechnologiesOLED HDR: Dolby Vision, UHD Alliance, HDR10.

Wide Color Gamut. BT2020 reception

Ultra Luminance / Pixel Dimming.

33.1 million independent light points.

Triple XD-Engine Quad Core Processor

Perfect Viewing Angle OLED

Panel Perfect Black 100%

ClorPime Pro

4-color pixel WRGB

3DCinema 3D (S / S, T / B, C / B, F / S)

Automatic 3D format detection

2D to 3D converter

3D depth control (0-20)

3D Object Control (-10, +10)

Dual Play (optional glasses)


Dimensions (with base)55 inches: 1237 x 767 x 175 mm
Weight (with stand)18.5 kg
ColorsSlim design in silver
FormatPicture on Glass (flat)

Smart tv

AppsApp Store: thousands of applications, games and 3D content Video On Demand: Netflix, Yomvi, Atresplayer ...
FeaturesPIP Double screen, Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection ...
ControlsIntegrated Universal Magic Control (pointer, buttons, wheel, voice control ...)
Mobile connectionYes, control through mobile phones and tablets with the LG TV Remote app.


Power40W / 4.2ch
Speakers4.2 System with Woofer (20W)

Harman Kardon

Smart sound

Clear Voice III (enhances dialogue over sound effects)

6 sound modes (std, news, music, cinema, sports, game).

DTS decoder

HiFi sound

OthersOptical Sound Sync

Wireless Sound Sync


TunerDVB-T2 UHD HEVC Receiver (Future Ready)

DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver

DVB-C Cable Receiver)

PAL I, PAL / SECAM BG / DK, Secam L / L ”˜

Updatable by Antenna and Internet


MHLYes (1.3)
ConnectorsComponent AV input
Wi-Fi DirectYes
OthersHeadphones, Miracast, Bluetooth, DLNA, antenna, optical output, RS-232C (Control / SVC) type Phone Jack, USB Recorder, scheduled recording, recording with TV off, time shift ...

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websiteLG

Price: 5,000 euros 

LG 55E6V Tuexperto Awards 2016