My experience with the Lenovo Smart Tab P10, the tablet with dock and voice assistant

Lenovo Smart Tab P10, the 2x1 tablet that becomes a smart screen

your expert RECOMMENDEDFor some time now, several smart screen models have hit the market. Devices halfway between a speaker or a tablet designed to be used with one of the voice assistants on the market (be it the Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri). Lenovo also has its own screen, the Lenovo Smart Display. The company has wanted to go one step further with its Lenovo Smart Tab P10, a computer that is both a tablet and a smart screen . The secret is a base with two speakers to which the tablet is attached and that works with the voice assistant Alexa. A different proposal that you can already find in stores for an official price of 300 euros .

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 with speaker stand

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 datasheet

screen10.1-inch Full HD IPS touch panel
AudioBase with two 3W power (mid-range) speakers and Dolby technology for surround sound
Microphones3 long-range microphones
Wifi connectivity2 x 2 WiFi 802.11 ac 2.4G / 5G, MIMO
Operating systemAndroid Oreo
AssistantAlexa Assistant (Amazon)
Tablet soundFour front speakers with Dolby Atmos system
Dimensions and weightTablet: 242 x 167 x 7 millimeters, 440 grams of weight

Base with speakers: 65.5 x 283.6 x 50 millimeters, 520 grams of weight

Power and memoryQualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, 3GB RAM

32 GB internal memory

Release dateAvailable
Price300 euros (official price)

A hybrid concept between tablet and smart display

If you haven't heard of smart screens yet or the concept isn't entirely clear to you, it's about adding a touch screen to a speaker that works with a voice assistant . The problem with these types of screens is that they are quite limited when we try to interact with them and the voice commands are sometimes not enough to perform the desired actions.

For this reason, Lenovo wanted to try their luck with the Smart Tab P10, a team that tries to combine the advantages of smart screens with the ease of use of an Android tablet. How? Creating a base that has its own speakers. The moment we dock the tablet to the base, it automatically becomes a smart screen controlled through the Alexa assistant(from Amazon). This is one of the decisions that can generate many doubts. Alexa is becoming more complete, but in Spain the Google Assistant is more present due to its integration with Android mobiles. Perhaps one of its biggest advantages is that it is well optimized for its Amazon Prime Video platform. It also works well with Spotify, YouTube… In general, there is not much difference between the two voice assistants for day to day.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 in hand

The big advantage of the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is that there is life beyond the smart screen. I explain. Being a smart speaker with a screen attached, the touch functionality is quite limited. The idea is that you do most of the interactions through your voice, but in practice there are times when it is difficult to make yourself understood. I put an example. When looking for a YouTube video of a song in another language, or with a name complex enough for the wizard to get mixed up. The Smart Tab P10 is a tablet with full functionality and Android operating system, so at any time you can browse without restrictions or type text. Nor does it limit you to having to use your mobile to send the content to the screen, which is the other alternative you have when using a smart screen.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 speaker base detail

A dock with built-in speakers

The base of the Smart Tab P10 is similar to a miniature sound bar, with two front speakers with Dolby technology to create an immersive audio experience . These speakers are rated at 3 W. The truth is that a good job has been done with these speakers. Without having very powerful bass, the truth is that the surround experience is very successful, and on many occasions you get the feeling of being in the same room where the music or video was recorded.

If what you are looking for is a gadget to liven up the house with music or the parties you organize, the Smart Tab P10 can meet the record without problems. Of course, it is not comparable to a dedicated sound system . If we compare it with another similar gadget from the brand such as the Lenovo Smart Display, my assessment is that the Smart Display has a slightly clearer sound, but the great advantage of the Tab P10 (and what makes me opt for it) is this immersive experience.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 base buttons

Full HD screen and good audio system with four speakers

The main advantage of the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is that there is life beyond functioning as a smart display. We are talking about a tablet with full functionality - which is also sold separately - so we can take it with us anywhere and even forget about the base with speakers.

It is clear that we will not have the same sound experience, but that does not mean that the tablet is lame. It incorporates four front speakers to create surround sound . They are not particularly powerful speakers, but this multi-speaker system is very appreciated to enjoy movies or series.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 Speakers

The tablet's own screen bets on a standard 10.1-inch format with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels . The panel technology is IPS and the brightness levels are remarkable, without it being a point that stands out in a special way. In general, its performance is correct and you can use apps, video and the vast majority of games without lag.

Where it has seemed more limited is in its internal memory. We are talking about 32 GB, a capacity that can fall short if we use the Tab P10 very often as a tablet to use and not as a smart screen.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 full hd screen

Very slim design but without big surprises

What is most striking about the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 design is its finesse. Just seven millimeters thick , which makes it very easy to handle in the hand. Of course, at this point we also lose memory capacity far from the base. This fineness can also be a problem once attached to the base, since it is easier for it to move or even fall off the base in case of a fortuitous hit.

This is one of the few buts of this invention. Without being something exaggerated, the truth is that the tablet did not feel completely stable in the speaker and I have had some other scares during its use.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 rear camera

The Asian company has chosen to use a crystal design on both the front and the back , in an attractive black color. As is often the case in these cases, the biggest enemy are the tracks, which are quite easily on the back. Of course, when it is clean and we do not move it much from its base, the color is striking and elegant.

On the front it must be said that its appearance is classic. The frames are not exaggerated but they are thicker than what we have seen in other proposals from Lenovo itself. In total, the weight of the tablet is placed at 440 grams, to which we must add a little more than half a kilo of the base itself with speakers.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 10

A gadget for the whole family

Versatility is key on the Lenovo Smart Tab P10. We have already seen that it works as a smart screen with the Alexa assistant connected to the base. And, in addition, that it can be used as a tablet to use with Android. The Alexa assistant brings many functions and options, for example the option to control through the voice different smart gadgets that we have connected at home (compatible TVs, light bulbs, smart plugs and much more). But from my experience, and failing to be a pro user of this type of proposal, the most interesting options are to play YouTube and Spotify content. Voice recognition is quite fine, although there may be some more problem when we want to open songs or video clips in another language. Especially if you don't have perfect English - as is my case. But you can really appreciate the advantages of easily changing your favorite song or list without having to go to your mobile or press anything.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 rear

In addition to these functions, I also really liked a software add-on that Lenovo has incorporated. It is a childish mode for the little ones in the house that gives it an extra security. Through this mode it is possible to control well what the little ones can see and it has a very colorful and friendly interface. It's times like this that I would like to be small again

In any case, you can create several profiles to use the tablet , so that all family members have their own apps and settings. Finally, it must be said that Lenovo has enhanced the security of the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 through a fingerprint reader.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 docked to the base

Price and reviews

The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 can now be purchased in stores for a promotional price of 254 euros . Its official price is 300 euros, which places it above what smart screens usually mark (200-250 euros). In return, you get the extra versatility of being able to unhook the tablet at any time and use it anywhere in the house (or take it on a trip).

The quality of the speakers has surprised me, as I was not expecting much from a hybrid invention. Obviously they don't have powerful bass - they're two full-range speakers and not much room for frills - but they do the trick to spice up evenings and parties. In addition, the surround effect of Dolby is very successful, so you will enjoy listening to concerts or series and movies a lot.

In short, a gadget that has numbers to become an excellent gift for this Christmas.

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