Acer Care Center, the program that takes care of your Acer laptop

Acer Care Center, the program that takes care of your Acer laptop

The eventual maintenance of a laptop is the best prevention against errors and failures in addition to supplying life insurance for our equipment. And for this, nothing better than using a program that executes certain tasks so that everything goes well and continues to go well. The Acer brand, in this way, pre-installs the Acer Care Center on all its computers, a program that takes care of the laptop so that everything goes as the first day. Next we are going to explain to you, step by step, what the Acer Care Center (which could be translated as' Acer Care Center) consists of and how you can get the most out of it. Don't neglect your Acer equipment for another day!

What parts is the Acer Care Center made of?

This is all you can find in the Acer Care Center, designed to care for and maintain your Acer equipment as if it were the first day.

My system

Thanks to the Acer Care Center, the user will have detailed and specific information about their equipment , both hardware and software. The user will be able to check all the components of the system, obtaining data from them, such as the operating system, the CPU, the memory, the graphics card, etc.

Equipment review

The user will be able to receive a diagnosis of the equipment as well as a detailed report of the status of the controllers, the battery and the network with the option of PC Checkup. This information is all that the user needs to verify that his equipment is working correctly, to take advantage of the full potential it offers.

Fine tunning

With these essential tools, the user will be able to keep the equipment clean so that it operates according to what is expected of it. Thanks to the set-up utilities that Acer Care Center offers, such as disk cleaning, defragmentation, startup management (being able to allow or disable applications so that they do not run as soon as you turn on the computer, only the ones you want) , in addition to performing a complete scan to detect unnecessary files within the computer and permanently delete them. With this function, the user will have four different ways to maximize the performance of the computer in addition to offering the Smart Tuneup utility, a tool to automate the setup of the computer so that you don't have to worry about executing it manually.

System updates on your computer

Checking the latest system updates in Windows 10 can be a bit cumbersome depending on what type of users. Wouldn't it be great to have a specific place within the Acer Care Center where we can consult, in a simple and easy way, all the updates that we have been installing on our computer? In addition, from this same place, the user can download and install system updates

Support information

Do you want information about the assistance center for your Acer equipment closest to your usual place of residence? To your aid comes the Acer Care Center for all those times when your team needs a professional to take a more in-depth look at it. In addition, the user has at their disposal a forum in which owners of Acer equipment can share their concerns and problems to be able to solve them effectively without having to go through the technician. In this section, the user will be able to consult the serial number and identification of their equipment on the Acer website.

Recovery management

This section will help the user to back up the machine, restore settings and drivers to protect them from possible system failure. With Recovery Management you can reinstall Windows 10 and restore system settings.

You can download the Acer Care Center for Windows 8 and Windows 10 from its official website.