We test the Samsung app to calculate the perfect size for your new TV

We test the Samsung app to calculate the perfect size for your new TV

What size should I buy my new TV? It is one of the most common questions when renovating the television. Whether for the living room, for a room or for the kitchen, we always ask ourselves the same thing. A couple of days ago we told you that we Spaniards like large televisions. No less than 32% of consumers who recently bought a television regret not having bought it larger. So how do we choose the ideal size for our home? Samsung wants to help us with your new Samsung TV app at home .

At the moment the application is not available to download in the usual app stores. But we have already been able to test it. It is an application that uses augmented reality technology to calculate the optimal size of the television taking into account the viewing distance between the sofa and the wall .

Although its use is very simple, we wanted to show you how it works. We are going to show you how the experience has been and then we will tell you some details about the app .

Calculating the ideal TV size with Samsung TV at home

We test Samsung app to calculate ideal TV size at the beginning

As soon as we launch the application, the first thing we will see is a small tutorial that explains what we can do with it. The most interesting thing is to test how the television would look directly in our living room . But we can also let the application recommend us a model or see the catalog of Samsung televisions.

We test the Samsung app to calculate the ideal size of the initial screen

Already on the main screen of the application we see several options. The first and most interesting is " Put the TV in your house ". We also have a section to store our favorite televisions. And another to see the promotions and the Samsung catalog.

If what we want is to see what size is the most recommended for our room , we will click on GO.

To calculate the distance correctly, the application needs a marker . This is a sheet with a specific drawing that we can print and place where we are going to put the television. We can also do it using a mobile or laptop, as we have done. The markup is given by the application itself.

We tested the Samsung app to calculate the ideal size of the TV screen scan

If we already have the marking, now we only need to point the mobile camera at it. Once detected, the application will calculate the distance and show us a television placed where the marker is by means of augmented reality .

In the upper right we will see the distance you have calculated . On the left we will have the different inches, so we can see how the televisions are. We can also take a photo to share it or, of course, access the TV file that the application is recommending.

We tested the Samsung app to calculate the ideal size of the TV screen tab

As we move towards or away from the marker, the application will change its size recommendation.

What size TV does the Samsung app recommend?

In our case, we have calculated a distance from the TV to the sofa of about 2.3 meters , which is quite close to reality.

What size do you recommend for a distance of just under 2.5 meters? Here is the answer:

We test Samsung app to calculate ideal size of the TV screen recommendation

According to the Samsung application, with this distance we could place a 75-inch television . Is it exaggerated? It depends on what we are going to see. If all the content we are going to see is in 4K or 1080p resolution with good bitrate, then we will enjoy such a large television.

But if we are going to see a lot of DTT, 75 inches for just over 2.3 meters is excessive. More than anything because the quality of the current DTT in Spain is very low.

we tested the Samsung app to calculate the ideal size of the television place tv

In addition to telling us the distance and the screen size to choose, the application uses augmented reality to show us how a Samsung TV would look in the chosen place .

At the moment this function is not too polished , as you can see in the image. The television that is already placed is 47 inches and the television that the app is supposed to be placing is 75 inches.

Finally comment on a small detail. And it is that the application allows us to see the television placed with and without a base . This will allow us to get an idea of ​​how it will hang on the wall. The Samsung TV at home app will be available in the coming days.