▷ 6 tricks to buy on Aliexpress and save a few euros [2019]

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Along with eBay and Amazon, Aliexpress is one of the most used online stores in the world by different users on the Internet. Unlike the first two, this one has a multitude of ways that allow us to save a few euros when buying a certain product. To this are added the advantages that Aliexpress Spain offers to all those who reside in Spain. This time we have made a compilation of six tricks to save money when buying on Aliexpress .

Take advantage of welcome coupons

With the creation of a new user, Aliexpress automatically gives a coupon of $ 3 welcome dollars (about 2.69 euros) to all new customers. This coupon can be used in any purchase through the Alixpress website, be it clothing, footwear, technology or any product category.

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We will only have to apply the coupon in question in the corresponding box at the time of processing the order and the discount will automatically be applied.

… And look for discount coupons from Aliexpress

Every so often, Aliexpress launches discount coupons aimed at a certain type of product. Discounts that can exceed 50% on products such as sunglasses, accessories or swimwear.

Currently there are many websites that collect this type of coupons to buy on Aliexpress, and which can be accessed through Google with searches such as "Aliexpress discount coupons", "Aliexpress glasses coupons" and a long etcetera .

Always choose ordinary shipping to avoid customs

Although Aliexpress offers a fast shipping way to send products to countries outside of China, the best way to save yourself a bummer is to always choose regular shipping .

The majority of fast or certified shipments are seized at Spanish customs, so an amount similar to the value of Spanish VAT will have to be paid on the total value of the product. If we buy, for example, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for 200 euros, we will have to pay around 21% of the value of the phone, which in this case is 42 euros.

Download the Aliexpress mobile app

The Aliexpress application is a whole world apart from the web version of the platform. In addition to having exclusive offers, it has games based on Freebies that help us to obtain virtual currencies in order to obtain discount coupons.

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The way to get Freebies is as simple as completing the daily missions that are set out in the corresponding section . Plant a tree, leave comments and ratings ...

Use AliCompare to compare the price with other sellers

To save money on AliExpress, we can use third-party applications and extensions that allow us, among other things, to expand the functions of the web.

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AliCompare is, in this case, an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to compare the price of a certain product with that of other Aliexpress sellers , if any. The extension in question will show us a button with the legend "Search other sellers" on the product in question.

Once we click on it, it will give us a complete list of offers from other sellers . The price difference can be abysmal.

… And AliPrice to view the price history of Aliexpress

AliPrice is another of the Aliexpress extensions for Google Chrome (it is also compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Safari) that roughly allows us to see a history with the price of a product on the web .

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Like Amazon and eBay, sellers often resort to marketing techniques where a product is highlighted by reducing it to the original price. With this extension we will only have to access the product page and glimpse the price of it over a certain period of time .