The best tips and tricks for Dauntless

The best tips and tricks for Dauntless

Dauntless is the fashion game, a free to play game created by Epic Games that already has more than 5 million players and that does not stop growing. It is an RPG in which you face the Behemoths, very powerful creatures that will kill you quickly if you are not careful. We offer you the best tips and tricks so you can kill all the Behemoths in the game.

Know the weapons

Weapons are the essential element in defeating Dauntless's enemies . The game offers us quite a variety of weapons, each one with its differentiating characteristics. Knowing them will be essential to choose the one that best suits the enemies and our fighting style.


Dauntless swords

Swords are Dauntless's most balanced weapon , offering an excellent balance between speed and attack power. Carrying a sword will allow you to dodge and retreat quickly to minimize damage suffered in battle.

In addition, the swords include a magic ranged attack ability , allowing damage to behemoths with less risk of being injured.


Dauntless hammers

Hammers are weapons focused on offering the greatest possible attack power , although in return the movements are much slower. Its special attack includes a cannon that will also serve as an escape element in battle. This cannon needs to be loaded after several uses, something that you must take into account.

It is the ideal weapon for players with great defense , in this way you will not have problems, although its low speed leaves you more exposed to the attacks of the Behemoths.

Chained leaves

Dauntless chained blades

Chained blades are the opposite of hammers. These are weapons with great attack and movement speed , although in return they are much less powerful. His special attack will allow you to move away or get closer to the Behemoths you are fighting.

They are ideal for players who prefer high speed on the battlefield, something that will help you dodge enemy attacks more easily . This way you can put defense in the background, and focus on attacking.


Dauntless axes

Axes are Dauntless' second most powerful weapon, second only to hammers. Their special attack consists of a damage bonus, to make them even more terrible.

If you become a master of ax combat you will be unstoppable, plus you can stun Behemoths or even cut their tails with a charged and well targeted attack.


Dauntless repeaters

Repeaters are ranged weapons in Dauntless , making them unique in the game. They offer the possibility of making attacks loaded with a large area of ​​damage.

They are ideal for making attacks from a distance that keeps you out of range of the Behemoth , while you gradually decrease its health, a truly fearsome weapon.


Dauntless spades

Spades allow Behemoths to be attacked with a rapid succession of fiery attacks . The attacks will fill the meter, making your attacks more and more powerful.

His massive ranged attacks can stun Behemoths , leaving them totally at the mercy of your teammates.


The armors are the defense of Dauntless, this element will prevent the attacks of the Behemoths on you from leaving you incapacitated in the middle of the battle. No matter how good you are, you will take damage, and you must be prepared to endure it.


It is a special armor that allows you to revive your allies with the +5 medical perk , and just by wearing the thief and the breastplate. It is especially strong armor against electric-type Behemoths, and is weak against ground.


Another armor focused on improving your medical enhancer, by +3 with the bracers, and up to a maximum of +5 with the full armor. Makes you stronger against the Threshold type and weak against Radiant Behemoths.


This is the most balanced armor in Dauntless , with power-ups focused on improving damage dealt, reducing damage suffered, and protecting against cold. He is strong against Frost and weak against Igneous.


We continue with the Rezakiri armor, which allows you to cause more damage to enemies , although in exchange for a lower defense. It has three power-ups focused on improving the weapon meter, improving resistance, and improving the double damage options. It is strong against Radiant and weak against Threshold.


The Embermane armor is focused on defense against fire and also offers better evasion. Ideal for users who want to avoid damage to the maximum. It is very resistant to Igneous and weak to Electric.

Tips to kill the Behemoths

Behemoths are very powerful enemies, which is why you will need a good strategy to kill them before they annihilate you. Here are some very useful tips to improve your chances of victory.

- Fight as a team . Dauntless is a team game, so it doesn't make sense for you to go alone to face the Behemoth. If you join your comrades you will have a much better chance of success.

-The flares are the best way to notify your companions that you have found the Behemoth, to use them you just have to press the 4 key on your keyboard. With this, your colleagues will quickly know where you are.

- Analyze the Behemoths . They all follow a pattern of movements before attacking, especially in their most devastating attacks. Analyze it from a distance to anticipate its movements.

- Concentrate your attacks on one area , in this way you will have much more chances to cut a part of the monster, making it weaken and easier to kill it.

-Don't forget the daily missions . They are the best way to quickly get rewards to improve your level in the game. You can find them in your Daily Missions journal.

-Don't forget the healing . Dauntless offers you the possibility to heal yourself in the middle of a battle without spending the potions. For this you only have to use the cracks that appear in the ground. Remember that their use is limited, take advantage of them well.

So far our post of the best tricks and tips for Dauntless, we hope they help you to end the Behemoths.