Denon D-M41, micro system with Bluetooth, radio and CD

Denon D-M41, quality micro system with Bluetooth, radio and CD

Your Expert RecommendedOne of the specialties of the Japanese Denon are the mini and micro sound systems. Hobbyists have known for years that when looking for a quality compact chain , Denon is right. Within the smallest size, only 21 cm wide by 31 cm deep, Denon updates its micro system. The D-M41, based on the best-selling D-M40, incorporates Bluetooth and costs 430 euros. This price includes the two compact speakers that you see in the photos, a Denon SC-M41 monitors.

Compact but capable

The micro system consists of the body with electronics, and a pair of speakers. In its compact body, the Denon includes a radio receiver (DAB compatible as well as AM / FM). It has a rear analog input (red / white RCA pair). Also a compact disc player, which can read music files on CD-R / RW media. The digital-to-analog converter using the CD is accessible as a source and supports PCM sound up to 24bit and 192 kHz. Thus, we have two optical digital inputs to connect other devices: the most common will be to do it with a television. And another digital source that deserves higher quality sound thanks to using the Denon. In return, the USB connection that some of its predecessors had is lost. But for that we have the Bluetooth connection: to send digital music to the device from mobile phones or tablets.

Denon D-M41 mini rear chain

All digital sources can be high resolution, as the converter chip reaches 192kHz and 24 bit . The Bluetooth connection is the great novelty in this micro system, in addition to refinements from Denon in the amplification section and that we will see. The brand has worked not only to offer the best possible sound with that connection. They have also improved their isolation when another source is playing to avoid interference and maximize sound quality. This is very important with FM radio, less with CD, and that is why there is a dedicated button to deactivate Bluetooth if it is not being used.

Serious amplification

Anyone who believes that the small size of the micro-system hides compromise solutions is wrong. Denon has long dominated this market and continues to refine its designs. They have optimized the internal distribution of electronics, achieving shorter and more direct signal paths that minimize interference.

Denon D-M41, quality micro system with Bluetooth, radio and CD 1

The box, made of metal (aluminum), contains two 30-watt amplifier stages. These have not been made using industrial chips but selected individual components. In this category it is normal to pull the catalog to use a standard industrial solution, but Denon prefers to rely on its own components. The circuit includes a triple noise reduction design , important for having powerful wireless signals in such a compact device. The source selector, the volume control (it's electronic, not physical) and the amplification itself have been improved. The result is a much better signal-to-noise ratio than other micro-chains. And, thanks to this, the music will come to us clearer and cleaner.

Denon SC-M41 speakers

The micro system includes for 430 euros a pair of speakers that are very worthwhile. It is possible to buy just the center body and use other speakers, in fact some hobbyists use Denon strings with higher end speakers. The chain also has a dedicated output for a dedicated woofer (subwoofer), so that it can be the basis for a system of remarkable level. With optical digital inputs, connected to a TV and with a subwoofer, even for home theater.

Denon D-M41 mini system

As for its speakers if we buy the set, Denon has improved the already good boxes of the D-M40. The SC-M41 are two compact two-way monitors with a bass-reflex system , measuring approximately 23 cm high and as many deep, by 14 cm wide. They have a 12 cm diameter mid-bass speaker and a 2.5 cm diameter tweeter. The material of these speakers has been improved, and the passive filter adapted to take advantage of its qualities: more natural and softer sound.

If we prefer to use headphones, the Denon D-M41 has a dedicated output. This takes advantage of the analog circuitry and allows you to use highly sensitive headphones without noise.

Denon D-M41

Under control

The system includes a complete remote control . An advantage of these micro-chains is that they have a clock and can be programmed. You can choose to activate the radio at a certain time (or other source) and to serve as an alarm clock, for example.

The Denon D-M41 micro system is available in silver or black (central body) and the speakers in a wood or black finish.

Denon D-M41 minicam remote

Denon D-M41

TypeMini stereo with CD player, radio and Bluetooth
Power2 x 30 W (at 6 Ohm)
Frequency response20 Hz to 20 kHz
Digital / analog inputs2 optical (up to 24 bit / 192 kHz) / one rear (RCA)
Departures1 RCA (subwoofer)
Speakers includedtwo Denon SC-M41 monitors
Dimensions230 x 140 x 230 millimeters (H x W x D)
Mid-bass speaker120 millimeters
Tweeter25 millimeters
Enclosure typebass-reflex
Dimensions (string)308 x 115 x 210 mm (4.3 kg)
Release dateAvailable
Price430 euros