WhatsApp statuses, options to edit videos and photos

WhatsApp statuses, options to edit videos and photos

This week the famous WhatsApp statuses were released. If you have not tried them yet, we will tell you that they are very similar to the features offered by other apps such as Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook. With the new statuses, WhatsApp users have the opportunity to share with their contacts a photo or video that self-destructs after 24 hours. These ephemeral images are small captures that can help you define your day or that will allow you to express any idea that you find interesting.

But, did you know that all the images you upload can be edited directly from the tool? Today we want to tell you about the options you have to modify the videos, photos and GIFs that you will add to your WhatsApp status .

whatsapp status edit

You can upload photos and edit them

If you are new to all this and have never used WhatsApp statuses, the first thing you have to learn is to access this functionality. To do this, keep it in mind, it will have to be activated in the application. If you still don't see them, you may need to update it .

Simply go to the Play Store and search, within the section of your applications, for WhatsApp. Click on update and in a few minutes the update package will be downloaded . When you start the tool again, the states will already be enabled and we can start the test.

1. Now go to the Status tab (it is right next to Chats and Calls) and click on My status to add an update . You can also use the green button located at the bottom right of the screen.

whatsapp status text

2. Next, take a photo or add any of the ones you have in the gallery ( it is not essential to do it with photos at the moment). When it is loaded, you will see that all the editing options have been activated. And what can we do now?

3. You will have the option of drawing on top of the image , so that apart from making your own drawings, you will be able to write in your own handwriting. You can also add text through the keyboard.

status whatsapp emoticons

4. If you want to add a fun touch to your snapshots, you can also insert emoticons and make them as big or small as you want. By inserting each of the emoticons, you can make them big or small. To do this, simply pinch the screen and go enlarging or reducing as you want.

If you finally decide not to incorporate it into your status, don't worry, because it can be easily deleted : all you have to do is move the emoticon to the trash. Press and hold by pressing on the emoticon and move it to the upper left corner. It will disappear instantly.

5. In any case, if you are not convinced with any of your additions, don't worry, because an "undo" button is included that will allow you to go back step by step.

6. If what you want to capture is a video, instead of touching the screen to take a photo, you will have to keep your finger pressing the circle. Then you will have exactly the same editing options as for photos.

status whatsapp gif and video

You can also include videos and GIFs from the gallery

Another interesting option is to add videos and GIFs from the gallery. The formats are different, of course, but their operation within this tool is very similar.

1. First, you can access the status section to create a new one, following the instructions that we have provided at the beginning. When you are here you can browse through the image gallery and here you will find everything you have available.

2. However, the system may not be able to detect the folder in which you have stored the GIFs or other videos that are in different locations. What you have to do here is to dive directly into the gallery .

3. When you find the video or GIF that you like, click on it and choose the option to share through WhatsApp . You will see that immediately the option to send it as status appears.

4. The editing options will then appear, although in this case they will not be as complete as if you did it from within the application. Here you can only add a comment with the keyboard . When you're done, click on the green Send button.