▷ The 15 best masks and filters for Instagram Stories

best instagram stories filters

The filters or skins of Instagram Stories have come to the application to stay. Currently, anyone with design knowledge can create their own custom skin and add it to Instagram through the options that the platform offers. Luckily, the amount of Instagram Stories filters that exist today means that we don't have to think about creating our own designs. This time we have compiled several of the best filters that can be found on Instagram .

How to add filters to Instagram Stories

Adding custom Instagram Stories filters is really easy. To do this, we can choose two ways: follow the designer who has created the filters for Instagram or add the effect from the Instagram story itself .

In the first case, once we have followed the creator of the filters on Instagram, the profile will show us a new tab with all the filters created by the person in question. As simple as clicking on the filters and then on the Save in Camera button.

If we opt for the second method, we will only have to click on the name of the mask within the Instagram story and select the option to Test or Save to camera .

The best filters for Instagram Stories of 2019

Filters of celebrities, superheroes, funny, freckled, vintage, angel ... There are many masks to add to Instagram stories, and we have compiled the 15 best ones.

Voldemort Filter for Instagram Stories

The bad guy from Harry Potter has his own filter developed by the well-known anonamister designer. Like most Instagram filters, this one replaces our face with that of the dreaded magician .

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To Magical World. . This #filter transports you to a Magical World. Become Harry Potter or Voldemort and let your inner wizard shine. . TAP to change characters. Swipe to change background styles. . Try with a friend to each be transformed. . Tag @anonamister to be featured in stories. #harrypotter #magic #hogwarts #voldemort #jkrowling #danielradcliffe #emmawatson #ralphfiennes #wizards #effect #instagram #fun #filtros #tomriddle #instafilter #sparkar #sparkarcreators # масorsк # маск @sparkarcreat

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Mouth and eyes filter for Instagram Stories

Another fun Instagram filter designed by the same author as Voldemort's filter. On this occasion the filter places on our face some eyes of glue accompanied by our mouth in maxi size .

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Mouth Off. . This #effect gives you a distinct look that makes it easy to Mouth Off. Say what you feel, how you feel it. Open your mouth, look around, mix it up! . Tag @anonamister to be featured in stories. #mouthoff #mouth #lips #eyes #funny #instagrameffect #ar #augmentedreality #new #filter #instagram #vacay #filtros #filtrosinstagram #instafilters #instafilter #sparkar #sparkarcreators # масок # маск @sparkarcreators

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There is another variant of this same filter developed by the same designer that places our face on the toes of one foot .

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Chatty Toes. . The Chatty Toes #filter turns you into 5 glorious toes. Have fun talking about anything feet related. . Use with a friend to become the Big Toe & 4 little ones. . Try it today & tag @anonamister to be featured in stories. #chattytoes #toes #feet #mouth #chatty #instagrameffect #ar #augmentedreality #effect #instagram #filter #filtros #filtrosinstagram #instafilters #instafilter #sparkar #sparkarcreators # маска # маски

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Paquita Salas filter for Instagram Stories

filter paquita rooms instagram stories magui

Could not miss the one that is possibly one of the most emblematic characters of the current scene. The filter designed by ayo_vega adds a wig with the same color as Paquita's hair, in addition to the character's original glasses and the characteristic scarf .

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Magüi filter by Paquita Salas

filter paquita rooms instagram stories

Continuing with the series by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, it is the turn of Magüi, Paquita Salas' assistant who confessed to having lived one of the best moments of her life having consumed drugs. The filter, signed by Juanjo Vega (takeabrief on Instagram), simulates the dress of the well-known character with the sweater collar on his head .

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Valencia neighbor filter

Who does not know the neighbor of Valencia. The popular scene of the program Callejeros de Cuatro left us with moments as stellar as the one that accompanies the Instagram filter, where the face is replaced by a blue plastic bag to "protect it from the feces that the neighbor throws from her balcony" , according to statements of the affected in the original interview. In this case the authorship corresponds again to Juanjo Vega.

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Filter by Manuela Carmena for Instagram Stories

The former mayor of Madrid also has an Instagram filter that not only imitates her appearance with the characteristic hairstyle and glasses of the Madrid judge , but also the logo of the political party she heads: Más Madrid. In this case the authorship goes back to Ayo Vega.

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La Veneno Filter for Instagram Stories

filter the poison instagram stories

One of the best known television characters of the last decade in Spain. La Veneno, Cristina Ortiz's first name, has its own filter on Instagram that imitates part of her appearance, such as the makeup, the tiger skin hat and the earrings that have so characterized this character, not to mention botox of the lips. The filter is once again signed by Ayo Vega.

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Mona Lisa filter for Instagram Stories

We go from the Spanish show business and we go to the art of Da Vinci with the Mona Lisa, the name that gives name to the filter of bma_japan, the author of this and many other filters for Instagram Stories. The filter in this case replaces the famous Mona Lisa's smile with our mouth , which we can move at will through the mobile camera.

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Face change filter for Instagram Stories

With the face change filter designed by marcwakefieldards we will no longer have to resort to external applications such as Snapchat or FaceApp . The operation of this filter is identical to that of its counterparts: we will have to focus on two faces within the frame shown by the mask so that the faces are interchanged.

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More face swapping fun! This is my brother Ross and I swapping our features with the upcoming Awful Augmentations Face Swapper AR Effect / Lens / Filter for Facebook and Instagram! . . . . #augmentedreality #ar #faceswap #faceswapper #faceoff #wakefields #brothers #awfulaugmentations #faceeffect #lens #filter #sparkar #instagood #facemask #facebook

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ET the alien filter for Instagram Stories

The filter that is causing a sensation on Instagram. The creation of Slaycid draws on our face the mythical scene of the nice alien riding a bicycle on the outline of the moon.

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Find someone who'll get you to the moon ✶ Check filters tab in my profile / use a link in bio ↑ Follow me & tag @slaycid in your stories! ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ #movies #scifi #spielberg #alien #ufo # area51 #bmx #filter #filters #filtro #filtros # фильтр #filterfun #filtorial #instafilter #instafilters #instagramfilter #instagramfilters #igfilter #facefilter #ffacefilters #ffacefilters #cameraeffects #effect #effects #facemask #facemasks #augmentedreality # 3d

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Pinch Filter for Instagram Stories

Another filter designed by anonamister that this time simulates the pinch of a fictitious arm on our face , in such a way that the skin is stretched to unsuspected limits. To add this filter, however, we will have to follow the aforementioned designer.

  • Follow anonamister and download pinch filter

Game Boy Filter for Instagram Stories

The mythical Nintendo console comes to Instagram to stay as a mask, a mask that transfers the image from the camera to the screen of the Japanese portable console . The filter is signed by Luke Hurd, one of the most recognized designers on Instagram.

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C͎h͎e͎a͎t͎ ͎C͎o͎d͎e͎ #filter has been updated! Available on more devices, much better performance, and only 1/4 of the original size! I've also added some smoother face-tracking, updated a few glitchy things - and added one more cheat code. . . This code is ABBA, which is from the classic #nes game #ikariwarriors. There are several others - if you find one, tag me in your story so I can see it! Follow me to add this filter it to your tray or visit my profile and tap the “effects” tab. . . What are your favorite cheat codes? . . #nintendo #gameboy #filters #newfilters #igfilters #videogamememes #handheldgaming #gameboylife #gameboycolor #gameboyadvance #cheatcodes #nes #nesclassic #supermario #tetris #konami

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Shrek Filter for Instagram Stories

The best-known green troll in the world of cinema is back, and in the form of mask badges! The creation of Fata Morgana transforms our body into that of the famous Dreamworks troll .

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