10 super tech toys for kids

10 super tech toys for kids

Christmas is approaching, so you have to write the letter to the Kings. And it is paid, also to Santa Claus: for asking that he not stay. Toy makers have been bombarding our kids with TV commercials since late October, so by now your little ones likely already know more or less what toys they want .

Although as a father or mother you will know that you always have to reserve a gift to surprise them. If you are a fan of technology and you are looking for a good toy, pay attention to these recommendations. Next, we selected for you 10 super technological toys for children . Enjoy them as much as they do! Or even more!

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

1.  LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Let's start with an all-time classic: LEGO. It is actually a third version of this game. And in fact, LEGO has already developed several games for children to learn robotics notions . The package arrives with a number of components. One of the central units is, without a doubt, the programming block. From there the orders of the automatons are executed.

What the kids will find here is the ability to build up to 17 robots . Although it is clear that the possibilities can be practically endless. It is a game recommended for children from 10 years old. You should know, yes, that it is not exactly a cheap toy. It costs [amazon_link asins = 'B071431VSG' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' f720aabe-d5f0-11e7-a19f-bdc9efc2ce1f '].

2. Cojiva programmable robot

Programming is still a profession of the future. Coji is a programmable robot , ideal for introducing the youngest members of the household to the art of programming through games. The principles of programming are taught through emojis, so the process is as simple as it is visual.

The robot is complemented by a smart device : it can work with both a smartphone and a tablet. Coji is launching messages on the screen, so that users - in this case children - can abound in concepts. By programming the robot, Coji is able to react physically.

Best of all, it is not an expensive robot. And that you can find it in any online store . Also on Amazon by [amazon_link asins = 'B01D1FGX2Y' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' f3d9ec0d-d5ed-11e7-8a47-6de4200445de '].

robotics kit

3. My first ROBOTICS KIT

Let's now move on to robotics for children. Because this BQ kit is very good . It is a one hundred percent technological toy that adults and children can share. It includes many pieces and the truth is that it is absolutely suitable to stimulate creativity.

The language used is called scratch , which is based on blocks and is much easier for children to understand. Now you just have to get hold of it and let your imagination fly. You have it for sale at PcComponentes for 76 euros.

Dash and dot

4.  Dash and Dot

Take a good look at these two androids that you see above. They are called Dash and Dot and the truth is that they have been successful for a long time. So much so that in many they are already more than exhausted. Disappeared! You should know, yes, that to enjoy them it is not necessary to have both. You can buy only from Dash, which by the way is available in the Apple store.

Robots come out of the box fully assembled. What you have to do is install the Wonder Workshop applications to program the robots and ask them to do anything. Dash is equipped with different sensors that can detect objects, listen to where you are hiding or run programs. If you want to get Dash, you will find it for 180 euros.

The robot can be supplemented with different accessories . So if you already have the robot, this can be a good gift from Kings. You have available the official accessories by [amazon_link asins = 'B01AAKAP36 ′ template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = '8886e388-d5f3-11e7-9500-11a12b05f0de'] or a projectile launcher, simpler, by [amazon_link asins = 'B014XDSL3C' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' a0aa6501-d5f3-11e7-952e-8ba0d2de0c94 ′],

Sphero BB8 Star Wars

5. Sphero BB8 Star Wars

Attention new Star Wars fans and nostalgic moms and dads . Here is Sphero BB8 Star Wars, a robot that no fan of the saga will be able to resist. It is a droid with Bluetooth Smart propelled by a gyroscope, in a radius of 30 meters.

Thanks to the application, available for both iOS and Android, we will have the opportunity to activate certain actions and gestures of your personality . It will also help us to see holographic recordings. The robot is for sale by [amazon_link asins = 'B0107H5FJ6 ′ template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = '550819ad-d5f4-11e7-b1b0-e9afc6525523 ′].

brick drone

6. Brickdrone

What if we could combine two obsessions into one? Well, here they are, gathered in the same box, the drones and the Lego pieces. Brickdrone is a LEGO game made up of more than 150 pieces . What we can do with them is build a real modular drone, which can then fly through the air and do stunts. If you follow the instructions, you will see that there are a total of 10 different drones to build.

Includes a 2.4 GHz control station and mobile support . This means that you can see the real images of what the drone sees. It is for sale at Juguetrónica for 100 euros.

giant piano

7. Big's piano

It was 1988 when Tom Hanks left us all amazed with Big . If you recognize this piano, you already have an age. Your child may not know what the story is about, so you will have to put the video that we provide below.

In the meantime, you can order this piano and make your dreams (and your son's, okay) come true. Big's piano has four play modes and can record melodies. Do you want to get him? Well, very easy. It is on sale at Juguetrónico for 80 euros. How much are your dreams worth?

oceanographic projector

8. Oceanographic projector

A day, if it is with children, is always marathon. So at the end of the day, the best thing you can do when the day is over is to try to relax. How? Well, there are many ways, but this technological gadget can help you . And a lot.

It is an oceanographic projector that can reflect the waves of the sea on the ceiling of the room or living room. In addition, it incorporates a jack port and a speaker. All you have to do is connect your mobile to listen to your favorite music. Or even the waves of the sea. It costs 30 euros.

play-doh play dough

9. Plasticine and animation

How technological can play dough be? Well, a lot. Because Play-Doh, the famous plasticine manufacturer, offers users the possibility to model characters and objects , and then animate them through an application for mobile or tablet.

It's Play-Doh TOUCH and it's available for iOS and Android. It is enough that in addition to downloading the application, you buy a plasticine kit (it does not matter which one) from Play-Doh. The app is free, the clay can cost you [amazon_link asins = 'B0018DIBCW' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 82c1ef47-d5f9-11e7-9193-57b9b57d5bdb '].


10. Broks

And we end with another toy that is also suitable for the little ones. Each of these Broks boxes contains a total of ten levels. It is a building game, with children - and older - may implement their technological skills, science and engineering . The most basic is from 3 years old, but the challenges get more and more complicated with gears, so it is also suitable for children of 10.

In the box you will find dozens of quality pieces, easy to assemble and with endless possibilities. You can choose between four modalities: Happy Zoo, Future Land, Mad Race and Invention Time. The cheapest pack is the Happy Zoo and you will find it on Amazon by [amazon_link asins = 'B015N45TQW' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 7aea7003-d658-11e7-94ba-c9394a430c3b ']. The other three boxes are also for sale here: Future Land ([amazon_link asins = 'B015NAMWBG' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' b0ff80c5-d658-11e7-b88f-a194f90aab6b ' ]), Mad Race ([amazon_link asins = 'B015NB642S' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' c934db84-d658-11e7-9763-25ab662e877c ']) and Invention Race ([ amazon_link asins = 'B0752DB794 ′ template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = 'e3e45eac-d658-11e7-8163-29cf0c0867f0 ′].