More than 50 letters to send to the Kings to print and download

More than 50 letters to send to the Kings to print and download

With the year about to end, there are only a couple of celebrations left. The first is the end of the year. We will say goodbye to 2017 and we will welcome a 2018 that promises . Like every year we premiere. The second is the most important of all: the one that gives all the prominence to the smallest of the house.

We refer, logically, to the feast of Kings . Next January 5, the children will have to go to bed early. Not without first having attended the parade, in which the three magicians from the East will appear in full dress and ready to work on a truly complicated night.

There are as many gifts to pass out as there are children waiting at home! But beware, before all this, it is important to have done one very important thing: write the letter to the Kings. During the days leading up to Christmas, many toy catalogs have it included. But if you want to be original and make the moment of writing the letter special, you can also print it at home. 

That is why we wanted to offer you a compilation with more than 50 letters to send to the Kings. You can print and download them at home, completely free. And in a great quality. Ready to make your requests?

three kings card

Letters to send to the Kings to print and download

The letters to send to the Kings that you can print and download on the Internet are very beautiful. There are them for all tastes and colors, so all you have to do is look and search to find the one you like the most. If you want a more formal one, you can download this one, which is available in pink . And you have the three kings drawn, full-length, at the bottom of the page. You also have guides so that the child - if he already knows how to write - can make the story of how he has behaved this year. And make a good list of everything you want.

We like this very much because it has a very modern design. Graphically it is great , because it has a very beautiful font and only contains stars in the classic colors of aircraft cards: white, blue and red, as well as a touch of gold. It is the Christmas addition. The Three Wise Men are not drawn on this one, but it is equally beautiful.

three kings card

If traditional cards are your thing, you can opt for this one, which has a drawing of the three kings and a camel that is very nice . It includes a blue frame, which symbolizes the starry night in which the baby Jesus was born. Or so it seems to us. Each one to interpret what they want.

You can also download another with a colorful design and with kings a little less graceful. These round and good kings have stolen our hearts, so if you like them too, it's already taking time to download this card. You have less space to write the order, but the truth is that the letter itself is very, very beautiful. At the bottom are the three camels, waiting to be ridden by the Kings.

cards kings coloring

This letter that we propose here is ideal for boys and girls wanting to paint. Why? You will see that it is made in black and white, although it has the drawings of the Magi and a few gifts at the bottom. It also offers plenty of space to indicate what you want. Of course: to make it more cheerful, you have to paint it. It is made like this for this purpose, so if you did not know what to do this vacation with the little ones, here is an interesting activity. 

This is followed by this card, much more traditional, with drawings of the kings, stars and the angel of the Annunciation. Although this other one is one of our favorites. Why? You will see that it includes a geometric background design , a blank space to write what the little ones want and a text in which the child is already supposed to have behaved very well. What are we going to say to the Kings at this point if not?

This card belongs to an educational center, but the truth is that it can be used anyway. It also has a part with a geometric design and space to write. Let's continue, because on the networks we can find countless letters to download. This has a less pretty design, but it is also of good quality and can be easily printed.

magi letter

This other is also one of our favorites, because the truth is that it has a super careful design. You will see that it is a design, which includes an illustration of each of the three kings: Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar . The children will be able to indicate to the kings how they have behaved through an emoticon and plenty of space to write everything they want them to bring them.

The design of this letter has seemed very special to us. On the right side of the page the three kings appear , perfectly designed, and with an absolutely modern touch. In this you will have less space to write, but the three Kings appear well drawn. It can be very useful if you have young children, who still cannot read or write.

Letters to send to the Kings with drawings

Letters to send to the Kings with drawings

If the children are small, they are sure to be especially excited to see the Three Wise Men in all their letters . That is why we wanted to make a special selection with all those cards in which the three magicians of the East appear. First we have chosen those that have a more traditional design. This is very original, because it is made with photos of the clay or ceramic manger figurines.

In this one appears the classic drawing of the Kings on camels, seen from behind, walking towards the star of the East: another typical icon that appears in almost all the cards. The Three Wise Men also appear here on one of the sides. You will see that it is a more classic type of drawing, which you will like if you prefer Christmas to be more traditional . We already know that there is nothing written about tastes.

traditional kings card

Another interesting option is the one in this letter, with some drawings more thought of yesterday's children than those of today. However, we also liked it and it has a great quality . It is seen how some children deliver a very long letter to the royal page. This one also has a less modern design. Some bells and a few Christmas stars appear, but it can do the same.

Although if you are looking for a true traditional menu, here is one that will come to you that is not even painted. It is a very fun letter, in which you can choose the shipping method and even the payment method. A somewhat crazy letter, that you can use between adults, to have a laugh.

Letters for the Kings with super design to print

Letters for the Kings with super design to print

And now let's continue but with much more modern and better designed cards. If you are a lover of things well done, you will like these cards. Do you remember the Rubio Notebooks? Those things you did at home to improve your penmanship and solve math problems? Well, they also have their own letter for the Kings and the truth is that it has a design of ten.

You can print it and it will come in handy if the little ones in the house are doing their first steps with writing. Because it includes the precise guidelines so that they write good lyrics and the Kings can understand perfectly what they want .

These Three Wise Men are very, very beautiful. They are drawn at the bottom of the letter and the truth is that they have a great design. The letter offers enough space for the little ones to write their wishes and even tell how they have behaved in this year that is already ending. A graphic delight that is already taking time to print.

Another simple, beautiful, but very well designed letter is the one we present below. It does not have too many flourishes, beyond a border in red colors and the icons of the three Kings. They could not miss.

This other one is great for folding in three parts, like the old cards. And it has the typical design for airmail. To get this far, letters have to travel by plane! You can print this page on one side and then use the blank side for writing.

three kings card print

And let's continue with another letter that you will love if you are a lover of minimalism. Only a snow background appears with the heads of the three Kings. In the central part of the letter you can write everything you want. As simple as that.

This letter is also great to print and fold in half. When you print it, you can use the inside (which will be blank) to write whatever you want.

With a beautiful background landscape, here is another letter to print. The three Wise Men appear with their camels, in the middle of a starry night, heading to the portal of Bethlehem.

Inside the bag of funny cards, we have found this one, designed by Mr. Wonderful. Includes space to write what you want and tell the Kings how you have behaved. And of course, it includes some extra messages: such as, for example, that you have been very good and that, please, ignore the thing about bringing you coal .

montessori three kings card

We also loved this other. In addition to looking like the three Kings, very well designed, at the bottom of the card there is a drawing of a child playing with the cars that the Magi have brought him . Best of all, it is also a template designed by Cuadernos Rubio, so it includes an ideal guideline for writing messages. If you want to download this letter in different formats, you can take a look at this page. From here you can do all the downloads you need, including the letter to Santa Claus. This year it no longer works for you, but it will be great for next year.

More letters to send to the Kings to print and download

Still haven't opted for any of the above? Okay, do not worry. On the web you can find many more letters to print and download. Below, we have compiled a total of twenty images that you can download for free. And print at no cost.

These others are very original and special: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

These are all for coloring: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10