Differences and advantages of ultrabooks compared to traditional laptops

Differences and advantages of ultrabooks compared to traditional laptops

Ultrabooks are becoming increasingly fashionable because they are lightweight and easier to transport than traditional notebooks . In fact, for many, the traditional laptop has become a desktop computer that is rarely carried from one place to another.

But the difference between ultrabooks and traditional notebooks is not only in size or weight… The new ultrabooks, with significant technological advances, also offer advantages in battery life and versatility.

Below we analyze the main differences between the two categories of equipment, as well as the advantages of ultrabooks over conventional laptops.

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Definitions: what is an ultrabook and why is it different?

At first glance, an ultrabook looks like just another laptop. Logically, it is within the category of laptops because it is not a desktop computer or a workstation. It also incorporates a battery that allows us to work for a certain period of time without connecting to an electrical outlet.

Unlike traditional notebooks, however, ultrabooks are much easier to take anywhere and have a greater autonomy. In addition, with the advancement of processors, many times they do not even compromise the power with respect to other laptops, although many times they seek to have a more efficient equipment.

In short, ultrabooks are designed to maintain a high level of productivity and autonomy without sacrificing portability.

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In fact, the weight of ultrabooks is below 1.5 kg , with a thickness of less than 20 centimeters. And as for the battery, the duration without charging should be above 9 hours of autonomy.

At the operational level, ultrabooks are teams focused on a balance between performance and efficiency.  To do this, they tend to use high-quality materials and innovative cooling systems to avoid overheating.

Undoubtedly, one of the great keys of ultrabooks is the use of  solid SSD drives , which multiply the speed of file transfer and system boot.

The new ultrabooks also offer screen enhancements , with low-border, high-resolution panels for enjoying videos, movies and photos in the best possible conditions.

LG Gram, an interesting range of ultrabooks

One of the most interesting ultrabook ranges is LG's Gram range. The company has decided to bet heavily on the concept of mobility, creating teams with up to 22 hours of autonomy.

Added to this is the choice of borderless IPS screen and the use of combinations of materials that make it quite resistant. The chassis is designed with a magnesium alloy with anti-smudge and anti-scratch properties.

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But of course, one of its greatest attractions is its weight. LG has been able to mount a 15-inch laptop at a weight of just 1.1 kilos.

Within the new Gram range we also find 8th generation Intel processors to guarantee smooth performance and fast execution of tasks.

Another advantage of the LG Gram is its versatility in terms of connections . The computers have multiple ports and an extra slot to expand the memory. In addition to the USB ports, we also find an HDMI port (a connection that disappears very often from thin notebooks) and a microSD card reader.

The list with the main advantages of ultrabooks

  • Slimmer and more attractive design
  • Easy to transport
  • Much autonomy
  • Very fast system loading and data processing thanks to the use of SSD
  • Use of increasingly efficient processors