LG OLED C8, Alpha 9 processor and ThinQ with more adjusted price

LG OLED C8, Alpha 9 processor and ThinQ with more adjusted price

Your Expert RecommendedIf you want a 2018 LG OLED TV but high-end models, like the LG OLED E8, are priceless, the LG OLED C8 can be a great option . Last year the C7 model was already one of the best sellers. And it is that it offers practically the same as its older brothers with a more competitive price.

The LG OLED C8 changes design compared to its predecessor and equips the new LG Alpha 9 processor . In addition, it incorporates the new ThinQ artificial intelligence system, which we will begin to see in all the manufacturer's devices. All this along with the usual benefits of OLED panels, Dolby Atmos sound and the webOS system. The LG OLED C8 will be available in 55, 65 and 77 inches, with a price starting from $ 2,800, about 2,300 euros.

LG OLED C8 datasheet

Diagonal55, 65 and 77 inches
Resolution and technology4K UHD, 5 X HDR (Dolby Vision, Technicolor, HDR 10, HLG, HDR Converter), Pixel Dimming, Perfect Black, Ultra Luminance Pro
Panel typeOLED
ProcessorAlpha 9
Dimensions55 inch: 122.8 x 75.7 x 23 cm (with stand)

65 inches: 144.9 x 88.1 x 23 cm (with stand)

77 inches: 172.2 x 105.2 x 25.3 cm (with stand)

Weight55 inch: 19.1 kg

65 inch: 25.4 kg

77 inch: 36.5 kg

SupportLarge metal base
Operating system webOS 4.0 with AI
Apps YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, ThinQ platform
Control Magic control
Sound40W, 2.2ch, Dolby Atmos
Connections DVB-T2 UHD Tuner, DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, DVB-C Cable Receiver, 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, RJ45 LAN, Optical Digital Audio Output
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, built-in WiFi
Release date Mid April 2018
PriceStarting at $ 2,800

A more powerful brain

Although LG ensures that this year it has improved the OLED panels used in its televisions, the great novelty of the 2018 models is the new Alpha 9 image processor .

in-depth LG OLED C8 Alpha 9 processor

According to LG, if we compare it with the model that the 2017 TVs equipped, we have 35% more power in the CPU, 35% more power in the GPU and 50% more power in the DDR. That is, we would be facing the most powerful processor that the company has manufactured .

It is a 14-bit processor, capable of executing up to four steps for noise reduction (banding) . In addition, the Alpha 9 performs object and frame analysis, identifying the main object from the background and increasing the contrast ratio between the object and the background to obtain greater depth.

Thanks to the new processor and a color table seven times more accurate than previous models, it achieves a more realistic color representation. It is even capable of handling HFR images at 120fps .

And smart

The webOS system of LG televisions is one of the most interesting on the market. Its ease of use and the number of applications it has available has made it one of the most preferred by users.

Now it gets even better with the addition of the ThinQ system. Like other brands, LG also wants its share of the smart home pie. For this it has created ThinQ, an artificial intelligence system that allows us to control the different devices with a natural language.

And if we have more ThinQ devices at home, the TV will be able to act as a control center . Thus, we can control the washing machine, the heating or any other device that the system includes.

With the best Dolby Atmos sound

Although the LG OLED C8 has a more discreet sound system than its older brothers, it maintains the Dolby Atmos sound technology .

Specifically, it equips a 2.2-channel speaker system with a total output power of 40W. It is also compatible with DTS-HD sound and LG Sound Sync, as well as audio playback via Bluetooth.

New design

In addition to the best on a technical level, the LG OLED C8 has a new design. The manufacturer has wanted to completely change the bases of this year, so that the new models can be well differentiated from the 2017 models.

in depth LG OLED C8 stand

The LG OLED C8 incorporates a large base, which covers almost the entire width of the television . It has a nice dark metallic color and forms a kind of wedge with the TV panel.

The base is joined at the bottom with the thickest area at the back of the TV. The connections and electronics of the equipment are located there.

in-depth LG OLED C8 rear

As usual, the rest of the rear is very thin . It shows off a nice design in shiny silver, with a brushed finish. The vast majority of the connections are placed on their side, although a small part are focused towards the rear.

The LG OLED C8 has 4 HDMI 2.0 ports , 3 USB 2.0 ports, composite video, optical digital audio output and Ethernet. In addition, it also equips 802.11ac WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2.

Price and availability

In short, the LG OLED C8 becomes a great alternative to the E8 and W8 models . It is equipped with the new Alpha 9 image processor and features the ThinQ AI system.

in-depth LG OLED C8 final

Also, like its siblings, it is capable of playing HDR content in Dolby Vision, HDR10, Technicolor, and HLG . And it has Dolby Atmos sound. What more could you want?

At the moment, the new LG OLED televisions have not yet arrived in Spain . However, in the United States they are available. So we can know the approximate price that the TV has, always taking into account the possible currency exchange made by the manufacturer.

The 55-inch LG OLED C8 is priced at $ 2,800, about 2,300 euros . The 65-inch model goes up to $ 3,800, about 3,000 euros . And the largest model, at 77 inches and available for the first time this year, is priced at $ 10,000, about 8,000 euros .