10 Blu-Ray movies to put our home theater equipment to the test

10 Blu-Ray movies to put our home theater equipment to the test

Today technology allows us to enjoy home theater almost as if we were in a commercial movie theater. If we have a high budget, we can include a 4K UHD projector and Dolby Atmos sound in our equipment. But after leaving a significant amount of money, we need the content that we are going to see to take advantage of that technical team that has cost us so much to get. And although we now have many options, such as Netflix and other streaming services, to achieve the highest image and sound quality we will have to resort to the original Blu-Ray discs .

But, as in almost everything, not all Blu-Rays are the same. Some production companies take more care of the physical format than others. So to thoroughly test our equipment we will have to choose films with good image and sound quality. Now we even have the possibility of using Blu-Ray discs with 4K HDR resolution and Dolby Atmos sound. Of course, for the latter we will have to use the track in the original version, since practically no production company uses this format for the track in Spanish. With that said, we are going to go over 10 Blu-Ray movies that are great for testing our home theater system .

Mad Max. Fury on the Highway

The latest Mad Max movie has become an indispensable disc for anyone who wants to test the quality of their home theater . The image of the Blu-Ray is of absolute reference, being even better in the 4K HDR edition. It offers lush colors, striking sharpness in all scenes, and deep black.

The original version soundtrack features Dolby Atmos sound in both the normal Blu-Ray version and the 4K UHD version . And, if you have a team capable of working with this format, with Mad Max you will enjoy it to the fullest. The soundtrack of this movie is really spectacular. The upper channels are very present and come into action only when required. In short, it offers a dynamic sound, with great force, capable of making the most of any audio equipment.


Another essential for those of us who like to try audio and video equipment. Gravity Blu-Ray Edition has really good image quality, with enormous sharpness. An image that wins even more if we see it in 3D .

The track in the original version of the diamond edition offers Dolby Atmos sound , being one of the best sound montages that we can still find today. The film's sound engineers used no less than 128 different channels to position the sound. And if we do not have a compatible equipment, we can enjoy the Dolby True HD 7.1 track, also in English.


Deadpool was one of the first movies to be released on 4K UHD Blu-Ray . So there are many of us who have it to test our home theater equipment. The image, without being a reference, improves in colorimetry to that of Blu-Ray, showing shades closer to those we could see in the cinema. The contrast included in the film is really good, boosted by HDR.

As for the sound, the original version track is Dolby Atmos . It offers overhead effects that blend seamlessly with the other audio channels. In this way, we can have, in addition to the 7 DTS-HD channels, an additional 4 on the ceiling.


If you have a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player you have to have Passengers. Another of my favorite movies to test the televisions that come to us from Your Expert. The image on this Blu-Ray is really impressive, with vivid colors and no saturation. It has a very good contrast, enhanced by HDR. The picture has excellent definition and the constant black scenes in space are a litmus test for LED and OLED TVs .

As for the sound, the original version is in Dolby Atmos format . Like the image, the sound is really impressive. The bass is punchy and the surround effects are constant. It perfectly uses both the roof channels and the rear and side channels. A joy to enjoy our home theater equipment.

John Wick: Pact of Blood

The second part of this amazing trilogy has become another of the Blu-Rays that every lover of image quality must have in their collection. The John Wick: Blood Pact Blu-Ray offers a reference image, with superb sharpness and spectacular colorimetry .

As for the sound, we have a Dolby Atmos track for the original version and a DTS-HD Master 7.1 sound in Spanish , something to be appreciated. Still, not surprisingly, the track in Dolby Atmos is superior, with numerous effects moving around the room.

Fast & furious 7

And if you really want to enjoy your next-generation home theater system, you have to buy Fast & Furious 7 in its UHD version. The image quality offered by this disc is superb . It has a color palette that only 10 bits can offer. The contrast is sensational, as is its sharpness. An image to team up with friends, no doubt.

The same goes for the sound, once again, in the original version. It is one of the few Blu-Rays that has DTS: X sound , which offers tremendous quality. The effects of the upper part are constant and are perfectly integrated with the rest of the channels. Again, a reference sound to make the most of our audio system.

League of Justice

One of my latest acquisitions. Justice League UHD Blu-Ray offers spectacular picture quality . It even exceeds that of Blu-Ray, which is already a true reference. We have a great contrast, which is boosted by HDR which, by the way, is Dolby Vision. If you try it, the grain of the image may catch your attention, but it is a Zack Snyder house brand.

The Justice League UHD Blu-Ray features an English track with Dolby Atmos sound . The overall sound is correct, with good surround effects and clear dialogue. Perhaps it would lack a little more prominence in the upper channels, but in general the sound meets expectations.

Transformers 3 The Dark Side of the Moon

Although the Transformers movie saga has many detractors, the truth is that on a technical level they are the best we can find on Blu-Ray . The image quality of this third installment is really impressive. It has a clean, high-contrast image with rich colors and sharp, bright images.

At the sound level we have a track in the original version recorded in DTS-HD Master 7.1 . Although it is very correct, it is not as spectacular as the image. Still, we have some clear dialogue and good surround effects.

The Patriot UHD

It may shock you to see such an "old" movie in this selection, but Sony has once again demonstrated why it is the king of Blu-Ray. In May of this year the UHD 4K edition of this Mel Gibson film was released and only rave about it. The image quality is spectacular, far surpassing that presented on the original Blu-Ray. It is very sharp, with a lot of resolution and with a very well implemented HDR .

As for the sound, the original version track is recorded in Dolby Atmos . Both the upper and rear channels have been implemented to perfection, achieving a very interesting surround effect. You will not regret seeing this movie again (as long as you liked it of course).

X-Men: Apocalypse UHD

And we finished our selection with the Blu-Ray UHD X-Men: Apocalypse. This might not be the best X-Men movie (not even close), but technically it's almost flawless .

The UHD image offers outstanding quality . The colors, the sharpness, the definition, the contrasts are really good. HDR is very well implemented, with great brightness.

As for the sound, the original version track offers Dolby Atmos sound . And, like the image, it is really impressive. The ceiling speakers have a great presence and are constant throughout the entire film. If you have invested in a team with Dolby Atmos, with this film you can show it off with your visits.

And so far our short selection of 10 movies to put our home theater equipment to the test . It is a pity that the Spanish market is so mistreated by the production companies, since most Blu-Rays offer a Dolby Digital track in our language. Sometimes it is even a highly compressed audio track. So now you know, to enjoy the best audio quality you will have to practice your English.

On the other hand, we have selected many UHD Blu-Ray discs because they tend to offer better image quality than Blu-Rays. Although, to be honest, if the UHD Blu-Ray is good, the normal Blu-Ray disc also usually is. Still, always look for information on the Internet to know if it is worth investing in the 4K version or not .