EMUI 5, news of the update of Huawei phones to Android 7

EMUI 5, news of the update of Huawei phones to Android 7

If you have a Huawei P9 associated with Movistar, it is very likely that in the last few hours you have received a notification that pushes you to carry out an update . You may, however, have another team, also from Huawei, and have some interesting news too. Not surprisingly, these types of improvements are always coming progressively.

The company of Chinese origin is promoting an update that will bring the new EMUI 5 interface to all its devices . What are we talking about? Well, if you did not know it, you should know that we are facing a layer of customization that Huawei usually incorporates to all its terminals with Android and that, in this case, it comes with a renewed version.

This new layer also comes with Android 7.0 Nougat, which is the most recent version of the Google icons that exists and that therefore, you should install as soon as the notice arrives on your device.

A totally renewed interface

But, what news does EMUI 5.0 bring? The novelties of Huawei's brand new user interface are several, but without a doubt, one of the most striking is the renewal it has undergone. For inspiration, the manufacturer has thought of the Aegean Sea, he says, so the sensations that the new user interface will inspire are one of complete simplicity . The different elements have been simplified, so that navigation will be much more intuitive and agile.

It also includes another component that is based on the customization capacity. From now on, users who have upgraded to EMUI 5.0 will be able to customize the look of their phone through different themes. Huawei has abounded in this option, which by the way is not entirely new. But let's see more details, because Huawei's brand new user interface brings with it a new functionality called Mis-touch . What does it consist of? Well, actually it is a perfect option to avoid accessing certain sites, apps or functions when we accidentally touch the screen. In this way, the camera will not be activated when all you wanted is to access the browser.huawei emui 5

More privacy for your most intimate content

But we have more important details to mention. And it is that with EMUI 5.0 we will also have the opportunity to keep safe all those contents that we want to have well kept under lock and key , be they private photographs or confidential documents of our work. It would, in fact, be something very similar to the Samsung Secure Folder that we have talked so much about in recent days.

In this case, Huawei would have decided to baptize the function as Private Section. And how will it work? Well, very easy, the contents that we are interested in storing more privately (contacts, documents, photos, applications ...) will be stored in a safe space, as if they were on a second phone, because to access them it will be necessary to use our fingerprint .

Other cool features

But this is not all. Huawei would also have included in this interface a new ideal system for fans of instant messaging. It will be called Dual Instant Messaging  and it will allow us to use up to two WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger accounts on a single device. Why can this feature come in handy? Well, to manage our personal WhatsApp account and that of the company from a single smartphone, if we have one.

But there is more. Touch gestures that we already saw in a previous version are incorporated, so that accessing the different applications and tools of the phone will be very simple: you just have to draw a letter or a gesture on the screen to activate them. Fast and functional, which is what users want.

Lastly, we have to talk about a four-microphone noise cancellation option . This feature will come in handy when recording videos, because our phone will be able to detect with greater precision from where the sound of what is being recorded is emitted.

The new version of EMUI will progressively reach the different Huawei devices that can support it, but if you still haven't received any notice, don't worry. It should be when it falls.