What is a reaction video on YouTube


It seems incredible how people pull genres and sub-genres out of their sleeves from time to time that, either by chance or by a perfectly concocted plan, make the Internet a totally changing and mutating world. What is fashionable today, not tomorrow, what used to be cool is now outdated and what used to amuse us today does not sound like it. For some time now, among the youngest YouTube addicts, “video-reaction” has become fashionable , a kind of subgenre of unboxing in which, instead of showing how to open a package, we show how we we open ourselves, in front of the work of others.

If you don't understand, let's look at some of these precedents and go back to the origins: back in 2007 a pornographic video went around the world: Two Girls One Cup . For those of you who know what it is about, I don't have to keep saying anything. For those who don't, let's say it is a video in which two girls and an ice cream cone participate, but instead of ice cream they eat… Another thing. Such a disgusting video must provoke an inordinate disgust in whoever saw it. So it was. See and enjoy the disgust of others.

Other of the first "reaction videos" that were recorded were those of these guys who play a joke: one of those videos in which, suddenly, and after a frozen scene, a demon emerges from hell accompanied by a scream deafening. The result is such that so. If you have not seen it, do not miss it.

Subsequently, they became very popular "video-reaction" of highly anticipated trailers, video release of famous artists like Lady Gaga or Rihanna and tremendous scenes of series and movies where the unexpected happens. This happened in the famous episode The Rains of Castamere , the one with the red wedding. In this case, many people already knew what was going to happen and, while they watched the episode with friends who were not aware of the tremendous turn the story was going to take, they recorded their reaction. These are some of the funniest:

Now, the "video-reaction" have gone beyond mere humorous fact to delve into thorny legal and property rights issues. The Fine Bros. are two young people who have become tremendously famous for recording the series "Kids React to" , among others similar to that span other age segments, and in which they record children "reacting" to elements that are foreign to them. age: 90 children 's shows, Michael Jackson a Mac first generation ... well, the intent of these youtubers is to register the word "REACT"and make it your own brand to extend your business to the rest of the world, and have locals record their own reactions in exchange for a percentage. Maneuver that has not sat well with its more than 14 million subscribers. Fine Bros , responded that they only wanted to protect their content, preventing others from getting ahead of them in the maneuver and registering the term. Their ultimate intention was not to go after users who made videos similar to them.

True? Lie. In the past, the Fine Bros. have had many users remove their own "reaction video" . Anyway, they have already backtracked, as their strategy led to tremendous scares from subscribers. What do you think? Is it something that should be registered? What do you think of the "video-reaction" ? What is your favorite?