HP Compaq 2510p and 2710p, we tested Hewlett Packard's latest ultralight notebooks

HP Compaq 2510p and 2710p, we tested the latest Hewlett Packard 4 ultralight notebooks

We've seen and touched the latest generation of ultralights from HP. The first units of evaluation of theCompaq 2510p , 1.3 kilos , and 2710p , Tablet format and weighing 1.65 kilos . Two manageable, complete and highly portable models that will go on sale in mid-July with approximate prices of 1,800 and 2,000 euros , respectively.

Designed to meet the needs of traveling professionals, apart from being very portable and lightweight, they are equipped with curious extras such as a light directed to the keyboard (for typing at night), a webcam (for video conferencing ) or a fingerprint reader for prevent snoopers from entering our PC files.

HP Compaq 2510p and 2710p, we tested the latest Hewlett Packard 4 ultralight notebooks

The HP Compaq 2510p Business Notebook PC is the lightest: 1.3 kilos with a 3-cell battery (there are also 6 and 9 cells). To start with, it has two devices to handle the pointer: the classic touchpad below the keyboard and the pointing stick (typical of Toshiba computers ). The last one is a button embedded in the center of the keyboard that allows you to move the pointer around the screen. We have never liked this button because it is difficult to handle, but each user has their preferences.

The computer features a 12.1-inch widescreen liquid crystal display ( LCD ). It can carry 1 or 2 gigabytes of RAM , so we could use Windows Vista without problems (with the two-gigabyte configuration), although we can also order it with XP. The processor is Intel ULV and has a DVD recorder, a 40 to 100 gigabyte hard disk, a modem, Ethernet and the usual connectivity options ( Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , USB ports and an SD card slot ). In terms of dimensions, it is a comfortable size to be used on an economy class plane trip:28.2 centimeters wide and 21.3 long. It also has a fingerprint reader and the typical security applications that HP professional laptops usually carry .

HP Compaq 2510p and 2710p, we tested the latest Hewlett Packard 4 ultralight notebooks

With a rotating tablet- like monitor , the HP Compaq 2710p weighs a bit more (1.65 kilos with 6-cell battery ) and is also a bit larger (29 x 21.2 x 2.8 cm). It also has a "ball" to control the pointer and a digital pencil-eraser like electronic diaries, but it does not have a touchpad .

Basically, the Tablet has similar features to the previous model (same processor, same screen, etc.), but it supports up to 4 gigabytes of RAM and has an illuminated keyboard (to write in the dark without disturbing anyone), an integrated camera for video conferences and instant messaging by VozIP . It also has a useful tool for professionals, as it can capture business card images and automatically convert them to text.

They are not the lightest laptops in the world. In the last edition of the CeBIT fair we saw some commercial models that weigh less than 1 kilo (we are not talking about prototypes that will never see the light as the Intel Metro ). These two new HP models weigh a little more, in return, they include a DVD recorder, a 12.1 'wide screen, good features and the power of a next-generation machine.