Mymanu Click, the headphones that serve as a simultaneous travel translator

Mymanu Click, the headphones that serve as a simultaneous travel translator

The world of translators is becoming more and more complete. And it is that the alternatives to classic tools such as Google Translate increase day by day with different inventions that are increasingly useful and practical for communication. After learning about the virtues of the Mymanu translator application, we now see what your Mymanu Click headphones are capable of . A gadget presented at the CES event held in Las Vegas, the most important consumer technology fair with which the year opens.

Although it is not a new project after having seen other translator options such as Google's, Mymanu Click presents a very interesting alternative for simultaneous translations in two-way conversations. Of course, it is not enough to have headphones, it is also necessary to have the application installed on the mobile to manage a large part of the translation work. With all this, it only remains to talk to another person and listen to the translations in almost real time. A project that is now beginning its production phase, and that will hit the market next March.

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Mymanu Click translator headphones are synchronized via the NFMI connection with each other , which is more stable and secure than the Bluetooth connection. In addition, they require a direct link with the mobile. This, in turn, must have an Internet connection, since part of the translation is also done in the cloud to achieve the best possible result. With all this system, it only remains to put on the headphones and talk to the mobile. By the way, the headphones have a touch panel to perform different actions without touching the mobile. In this way, the terminal performs the translation and broadcasts it through the loudspeaker so that the other person understands it. And he also receives the answer and translates it to send his translation to the receiver almost simultaneously. Everything you need to have a very fluent conversation in two languages.

The Mymanu translator system already works with up to 37 different languages , covering a large aspect of the world, although everything indicates that it will continue to grow in the future. And it is that all this is still in development. After a successful financing campaign on the Indiegogo investment platform last fall, the Mymanu Clicks go into production to begin being distributed, if everything goes as it should, starting next March.

up to 37 languages

For the moment, in its presentation at CES, we have learned that its operation is most promising. As explained in Engadget, the translations between English and Chinese are quite specific and correct, although not so much in the other direction. Of course, a noisy event and a busy WiFi network are not the best companions for this system. In addition, the Mymanu Click offers good sound quality , with powerful bass and defined mid and high tones. It will be necessary to see, once they are on the market with their design and final production, if they are quality headphones and if the system is useful and natural in use. The good news is that they can be used as a headset, outside of the translation system.

At the moment the Mymanu Click translator headphones have been put on pre-sale for a price of 250 dollars (about 208 euros at the change), although from March, when distribution begins, the price will rise to 300 dollars, about 250 euros.

Of course, the Mymanu Click headphones also stand out by serving the star function of the Mymanu translation system. We are talking about group translations , where several people can intervene to find out about conferences, group talks or interactions with more than two people. Of course the translator system is no longer as fast as in a conversation with two subjects, but Mymanu Click offers the translations directly in the ear to keep abreast of everything, even if it is spoken in other languages. All this, also getting the transcription directly in the mobile application.

If you buy the Mymanu Click translator headphones, the headphones and a transport box that also acts as a charger is received in the package . The battery of these headphones ensures about 6 hours of autonomy. In addition, the charger also serves to recharge the mobile battery.