▷ How to know if someone has entered my Instagram account

The instagram account was closed

Due to the number of users it hosts on its servers, Instagram is the main target of hackers and cyber thieves. In the last year there have not been exactly few cases of theft of Instagram passwords. Just a few months ago we were talking about the ease of hacking Instagram profiles. Is there any way to know who has entered our Instagram account? The truth is that yes, and this time we will show you the steps to know if someone has entered our profile.

How to know who has gotten into my Instagram

"How to know on which devices my Instagram is open", "Who starts my session on Instagram", "How to know from which device my Instagram is accessed" ... There are many search intentions related to knowing who has entered our Instagram account. From the application itself we can carry it out by accessing the Instagram settings, which are accessed by clicking on the sandwich menu that is displayed in our user's profile .

How to know if someone has entered my Instagram account 1

Within this, we will click on Security and finally on Access data until we find the Logins option that we can find in Account activity. Thanks to this option we will be able to know where Instagram was opened from: from the connection date to the exact time we have logged in.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to know the place nor the device or the IP address with which our user account has been accessed, only the connection history and the login activity. In this regard, the security options fall somewhat short. What we can do is revoke access to certain applications that have Instagram permissions and that we have previously synchronized with our user.

How to know if someone has entered my Instagram account 2

To do this, just go back to the Security section in Settings, although the section that interests us on this occasion is Applications and websites . Within this option we will click on Active and we will automatically be shown a history with all the accesses and permissions of Instagram to applications outside the service.

From this same panel we can revoke access to the application to close the Instagram session on the device that is registered .

Change Instagram password: the only way to log out of all devices

Have we detected that someone gets on our Instagram? Since the application does not offer the ability to log out of all devices that have entered Instagram, the only way to cut your losses is to change the Instagram password .

To this is added the so-called 'two-step verification', a security method that alerts us via SMS to our mobile phone or notification every time someone tries to enter Instagram from another device.

How to activate two-step verification on Instagram

Activating this function is as simple as going to the Security section within the Instagram settings. Then we will click on Authentication in two steps and later we will activate the two available options : Text message and Authentication application.

who has entered instagram

Now we will only have to follow the steps that the wizard indicates to complete the security configuration and activate two-step authentication.

How to change password on Instagram

Within the same Security section we can proceed with the password change on Instagram, and more specifically in the Password option .

how to know who has entered instagram account

To change the password, however, we will have to enter the current password to avoid accidental changes. Once the change has been made, the Instagram session will close on all devices on which it remains active  with the message “Your session has been closed in the @user account. The account owner may have changed the password. "