Why can't you go to Roja Directa or Intergoles to watch football anymore

Why can't you go to Red Direct or Intergoles to watch soccer 1

Today the Spanish Justice has dealt a hard blow to the pages that replicate football broadcasts without the express consent of the rights holders. According to CincoDías, the Economics section of El País, a Madrid commercial court has ruled in favor of Telefónica Audiovisual Digital in a lawsuit filed against Internet operators and providers to identify and block access to a list of websites that until now offered - and they offer - pirated content. Far from being a deterrent sentence, the draft includes a novelty that will affect the rest of pirated websites , a novelty that we will see below. Some of the affected pages are Roja Directa, Elite Gol or Intergoles, in addition to Pirlo TV and another forty additional pages.

The future of pirate websites is hanging by a thread

The novelty introduced by the ruling in the original draft comes to apply what the so-called Digital Gag Law defined after its approval in Congress last November.

alternative livetv direct red card

Specifically, the measure mentioned means that the plaintiff will be able to provide a new list of web pages to be blocked weekly without the need for judicial approval or probation . The measure in question does not mention the way in which the locks will be applied, but everything indicates that they will be carried out periodically.

Until now, any judicial process related to piracy lasted several months from the date of the filing of the claim. With this new measure, blockades could be able to shorten this time to a few weeks .

These are the websites that you can no longer use to watch football online

CincoDías has provided the list of web pages and IPTV channels that will be progressively blocked from the different telephone operators and Internet providers. We leave you below with the complete list.

Elite Gol

  • //www.facebook.com/Elitegol-TV-124637414891288/
  • //www.elitegoles.com
  • //elitegoltv.me/
  • //veopartidos.online/
  • //www.elitegol.tv/
  • //www.elitegoltv.org/
  • //www.elitegol.global


  • //redstreamsport.online/


  • //www.pirlotvhd.online/
  • //www.pirlotvhd.net/
  • //www.pirlotv.es/
  • //www.pirlotvonline.net/
  • //futbolpirlotv.net


  • //www.intergoles.me
  • //www.intergoles.net


  • //www.mamahd.org

Direct red

  • //www.rojadirectaenvivo.es/

Streaming TV online

  • //wolftm.in

Iptv the madhouse

  • //owl-servers3.ovh


  • //wolftm.in

Digital Services and TV News

  • //digitalplatinum.in

Digital Premium Accounts

  • //pandorapremium.ddns.net:8000

Digital Services

  • //iptvesp.eu


  • //iptvadur.eu


  • //hightquality.org


  • //www.sansat.net:25461


  • //qualitypremium.sytes.net:8000

Iptv - ccccam - cccam or iptv problem

  • //iptvld.for us.ru:8000

Digital is the future

  • //gtmservices.org:8000

DigitalStore Services

  • //digitalservices.tel:80


  • //iptvesp.eu:80

Clines Cccam & IPTV

  • //iptvtool.es:9977

Alfredo Armengol

  • //landiptv.live:8080

Reliable and safe lines

  • //iptvtool.es:9977

Digital Video Premium

  • //qualitypremium.sytes.net:8000

Venom 4k

  • //iptvesp.eu:80

Your Perfect TV

  • //movspain.com:25461


  • C: ripi.ddns.net 11178 line123


  • c14.xtra7.gq:26659


  • //iptvesp.eu:80


  • //playlist.topcam.me:25461

Lists m3u movistar

  • //cdndaily0.azureedge.net/live/9/chunks.m3u8
  • //cdndaily0.azureedge.net/live/1/chunks.m3u8
  • //cdndaily0.azureedge.net/live/3/chunks.m3u8

Is there a way to regain access to these pages?

The truth is that it does: through VPN applications. They are tools that allow us to simulate a location within a network scheme, generally in other territories outside the country of origin .

Since the block applies only in Spain, we can make use of a VPN extension in our browser to simulate a location in the United States, Canada or any country outside the Spanish jurisdiction.