5 websites with free Karaoke videos for the holidays

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Comes Christmas , a time of celebration and encounters with family and friends. To celebrate these meetings, there is nothing better than using karaoke, it will promise laughter and fun. You do not have to spend too much money on it, in fact on the Internet there are several websites with online videos with which you can put your artistic skills into practice. Some will allow you to sing alone or do it in a group, which in the end is the best way to go. In some cases, it is even possible to record voices and upload them to the page to perform duets with other users. These are some of our proposals.


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Our first proposal is Kantando, which offers hundreds of high quality songs. You will see how your computer quickly becomes a powerful karaoke device. The web is intuitive and allows you to search by news, by artist, songs or recordings. One of its great advantages is that it offers you the possibility of giving scores to the topics, or requesting one that is not available on the web. It also has a community of users and a forum to exchange opinions with other people. Another of its virtues is the ability to sing online and share your song on social networks. You can also download it. All this completely free of charge.

Red Karaoke

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With Red Karaoke you can search by artists, genre, decades, or even by languages. And the thing is, this website for singing has songs in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, or German. It is a free service, although, yes, it will be completely necessary to register. What most attracts Red Karaoke users is that they can search by karaoke type to sing children's songs, birthday songs, love songs, or duets in a group. Within the types there is a section especially dedicated to free karaoke, although it is not too extensive.

Sing ok

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If you want to have fun singing songs in Spanish or English completely free, you can also try CantaOkey . On this website you can get karaoke videos and videos with lyrics collected from YouTube, ordered by genre and artist. One of the great advantages of Cantaokey is that you can see up to three videos from the same player for each song. You do not have to register to access the catalog, something that is appreciated when we are in a hurry . If you enter the web you will see various options, being that of Christmas songs one of the most acclaimed currently. You can also search for the most sung or the most rated by users.


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To enjoy Karasongs you will not have to register or open an account. You only need to enter a song title, or artist name in the search box, to start singing. As simple as that. Karasongs only includes instrumental videos in which the lyrics are shown with the background music . We can use it online, or download a file with compressed MP3 audio . In addition, it offers us the option of getting videos in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish.

The Karaoke Channel

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Finally, we recommend The Karaoke Channel, an online service in which it will be necessary to register before accessing the videos. We can find all of them in high definition, allowing us to record the voice while we are playing them . The online version has themes in Spanish, English, or French. One of its negative points is that the free songs section is somewhat limited, but it will undoubtedly help us to have a great time this Christmas.