Zune for Nokia Lumia 610

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So-called smartphones offer a multitude of functions to users, so many that the telephone function becomes almost anecdotal. With these devices we can surf the Internet, download applications and games, talk with friends through social networks, use them as GPS and of course store all kinds of files. The Nokia Lumia 610 is one of the most complete and affordable terminals in the Windows Phone segment, the Finnish company put all its energies into creating a device with functions at the height of a high-end without giving up a very reasonable price. At the time of its launch it cost around 230 euros, but it can already be found for only 170 euros in free format. The terminal comes with3.7 - inch screen , all kinds of connections , a camera of five megapixels with LED flash and has a very careful design and elegant to be a more modest mobile. The Nokia Lumia 610 is a very complete mid-range but whose price is closer to the low range , a success.

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As we said, terminals like this Nokia Lumia 610 are used for a multitude of tasks, one of them is that of a music and video player. Also in this case Nokia has included an internal memory of eight Gb with which we can carry a good amount of multimedia files. The player function is one of the most used on a smartphone and the Nokia Lumia 610 offers a very comfortable system to listen to your songs or watch your favorite videos through the Music + Videos application. We tell you how you can add music quickly so that you can always carry it with your Nokia Lumia 610.

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First you need Zune on your computer to be able to synchronize all the contents, it can be downloaded from the program's official page. In order to transfer music or videos to the terminal, it must be connected to the computer with the included USB cable , we open Zune and it will detect the device quickly. To be able to access the section where we will synchronize the Nokia Lumia 610 you have to press the phone icon that appears in the lower left corner. Once inside, you have to access the music or video section (it depends on the type of file you want to copy) that is inside the Collection. The program itself will show you all the music that you have stored on your computer grouped by artist, albums, songs, genre and playlists, the same happens with videos. To be able to add files to the Nokia Lumia 610 , all you have to do is drag the element you want (song, album, artist ...) to the phone icon that is again in the lower left corner, that easy. To be able to see the files that are already in the terminal, go to the Telephone section . With these simple steps you can make the Nokia Lumia 610 become a pocket player.

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