How to make your own homemade fidget spinner

How to make your own homemade fidget spinner

If you have tired of spinning your fidget spinners bought by Amazon and Aliexpress. If you have also broken the ones you bought in the Chinese shop on your street. Or if you are sick or tired of seeing the same toy models, you have to know that you have one more option. Create it with your own hands . A DIY (do it yourself) or do it yourself in full rule. And is that the mechanism of the fidget spinner is as simple as a jug. It just takes a bit of skill, a few bearings and enthusiasm to create a unique piece.

From here you just have to choose the best mode of manufacture or, at least, the most comfortable and attractive system. We have investigated for you to show you how to create your fidget spinners with greater or less attractiveness, but always homemade. Do not miss it.

With tin

It is possibly the easiest way to create your own fidget spinner. And you can get all the materials for little price. You only need:

  • Plasticine block
  • Tin
  • A fidget spinner
  • A bearing
  • A syringe

All you have to do is use the plasticine block as a mold for what will be your homemade fidget spinner. The simplest thing is that you use your old toy to shape the new one. Place it on the clay and then remove it carefully so as not to damage the mold. Get rid of the excess outer bearings in the mold. And try to smooth the entire surface to get the best end result . Then place an inner bearing inside the mold, where it should be in the final result.

Now for the somewhat more complicated part. The first thing is to put the tin in hot water to melt it completely. Once the tin is a liquid mass at the bottom of a bowl or other container, it must be collected with the syringe . This makes it easier to separate it from the water and apply it directly to the mold.

Carefully distribute the tin mass evenly over the mold and let it cool for a few minutes. And with this, all that remains is to remove the fidget spinner from the mold and test it. Do not forget to customize it if you want to give it a unique touch or leave it in metallic mode to make it look more attractive.

With flanges

It is one of the most curious homemade fidget spinners that we have seen. In the video below it seems simpler than it actually is. But, with a little skill and some good zip ties, you can avoid staining your hands or heating substances to create your completely homemade fidget spinner. The materials:

  • 4 bearings
  • 9 flanges

Manufacturing is very simple and there is no risk of injury in any way. But you have to be a bit crafty. It is enough to interlace three flanges with each other to create a triangular shape about 7 centimeters apart . Then, in each corner of this triangle, one of the bearings is placed, and it is fixed to the flange structure with more plastic straps. One for each bearing. Now you just have to shape the homemade fidget spinner and tie three new zip ties around the three bearings. Something that makes the whole compact and give it the final shape.

The last touches consist of securing the flanges well, tightening the assembly so that nothing escapes. And, of course, cutting and filing, if necessary, all the leftovers. And that's it, you have your minimalist, cheap and colorful fidget spinner .

Of plastic

The ideal is to have a 3D printer to get the desired shape of a fidget spinner and make this machine the one that takes care of all the dirty work. But 3D printers are expensive. That is why this youtuber has decided to create his own design in plastic , from one of those flexible folders. You just have to have these elements:

  • 4 bearings
  • A semi-rigid plastic folder
  • Pencil, ruler and scissors
  • Glue
  • Color spray (optional)
  • 12 washers
  • Glue

The first thing is to create a template that can be used to create your homemade fidget spinner. Try to create your own designs but always balanced, finding the exact middle point where the main bearing will be included.

Then you just have to cut out the different layers of plastic with the measurements drawn and glue them together. Something that will create the body of the homemade fidget spinner and give it some resistance to the whole. The washers must also be glued in three groups of four, or less. It all depends on the thickness of the original plastic that forms the body of the toy. If necessary, you can also spray the fidget spinner with a colored spray for a more professional touch.

Once the whole set is assembled, it only remains to fix the different pieces with the glue. Ideally, it should be instant or a hot melt product to achieve greater resistance .

Decorate your fidget spinner

But you don't have to create a new toy entirely from scratch. You can also decorate an old one to make it look like new. And no, we do not mean painting with a marker, or impregnating it with a new coat of paint. We refer to LED lights that add a significant degree of showiness to the whole. Something that is not too difficult or too expensive, as long as you have the right tools, yes.

  • LED lights that activate on movement
  • 1 bearing
  • Glue

In this case, the youtuber creates a fidget spinner practically from scratch. And it is that it takes advantage of lamps that are activated by movement. He prefers to glue such lamps to the main bearing and shorten them for comfortable handling. You can also do it with a much simpler system, acquiring lights specially created for this. Simply replace the outer bearings with these luminous motion sensitive parts. And there you go, ready to spin.

LEGO Fidget Spinners

Finally we bring you an extra option and even simpler than all the previous ones. You just have to use LEGO pieces . The key here is to create a balanced design that allows you to turn for a long time thanks to its balanced weight.

LEGO has all kinds of pieces to form from the bearing itself to the body of the spinner. You just have to find them and assemble them regularly. Mind you, unlike mechanical and metal parts, these fidget spinners don't seem to be as fast and spin that much . But you will get some striking pieces, with different shapes and with all the charm of LEGO pieces.