The best stores to buy clothes online

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If you are like me and you hate shopping for clothes, you have to keep reading this article. Can't bear to try on a thousand and one sizes in less than a square meter of space? Are you coming down just thinking that you will have to wait in that queue to get that dress you need for tonight? You can stop being overwhelmed. Online clothing stores have evolved, and in what way, to offer you shipping as fast as possible s (however, the issue of deadlines will always be there), interesting discounts and simple returns . This means that if you take it early, you can save yourself the nightmare of shopping forever. Next, we tell you which are the best stores to buy clothes online.


1. Zalando

If you usually shop online, I am sure you have noticed Zalando . Zalando is a shopping site for women's, men's and children's fashion where you will find countless brands. In fact, one of the main characteristics by which this service is distinguished is precisely its multi-brand capacity . You can search by garment (for example, long red skirts, printed shirts or black and white striped pants) and all possible results will appear before youregardless of price and brand. This option is fantastic for when you are looking for a very specific garment, but don't worry, you have many more useful ways to find the clothes you need.

For example, you can search by look and take a look at Zalando's own fashion suggestions . You can also filter by brand, to see the garments that are in stock of a specific firm in question. If you want, you can browse the section for Women, Men or Children to see more or less what is available and then filter according to your needs.

But there is more. You should know that you can find quite interesting discounts on leading brands (now, for example, there are discounts of up to 60% ), shipments are fast (although you will most likely have to opt for Express Shipping ) and super returns agile. All you have to do is pack the product and follow the instructions provided by Zalando, until you take the package to a nearby Celeritas point .


2. Zara

We could not ignore one of the most important stores in the Inditex empire : Zara . In the online store of this establishment you will find everything (and much more) that you can find in physical stores, so if you are a lover of the garments of this firm , you have to stop by here. We tell you because it often happens that, in the physical store, some models sell out too quickly. Buying online can be a good option if, in addition to skipping the queues, you want to take home a garment that you really like and that you cannot find in any Zara in your city. The classification follows the same pattern as in any store: Women, TRF, Men and Children, but you also have the option of accessing weekly news, looks proposals or latest units with much more affordable prices.

It should be noted, however, that the navigation is not very fluid : there are many clothes, so you will have to slide very low to see everything. If you want, yes, you can filter the results to see only the type of clothing you are looking for. You can also search, but it will be much easier to use the filtering system. Shipments are fairly quick and when failures occur, customer service responds fairly quickly and with interest. You will not find special offers, beyond the mandatory sales , but you already know that prices at Zara are not usually excessive.

If you make a mistake with a size or want to return a garment for whatever reason, you can use the returns system, which works as in most online stores. You will have to pack the product, make the necessary indications in the attached document and return it. In a few days you will have the return of the money made to your account .


3. Kiabi

If your obsession is to find offers at all costs, you have to connect to Kiabi . It is a fashion site that includes many products, but for super affordable prices. This is undoubtedly the most important advantage of buying clothes, shoes and other fashion items through Kiabi . You can search through different categories, such as Woman, Lingerie, Man, Girl, Boy, Baby, Costumes and Shoes . If you prefer, you can also search by brands, although the truth is that you will not find large firms, beyond sports and some very specific factories, such as Star Wars, The Smurfs, Dora The Explorer orLooney Tunes . This means that Kiabi is a great place to shop for children's items featuring their favorite cartoon characters.

The most interesting thing about this store is that you can buy basic items for super cheap prices , even from one or two euros. Another important advantage: the variety of colors or models you can choose from, with the possibility of filtering between a multitude of genres, such as, for example, within the T-shirt section : short-sleeved, long-sleeved, 3/4 sleeves, suspenders. basic, basic, printed shirts, camisoles or strapless.

I also find it interesting to mention the issue of payments. And you can make the payment even after receiving the purchase, once you have verified that everything you have bought is going well or you like it . If not, you can return it without problems by delivering the package to the Post Office. You have a maximum of 30 days. Shipments are a bit slower: it may take more than three days to receive them and some items (everything depends on availability) cannot be shipped immediately.

The TV Closet

4. The TV Closet

If you like to dress as your favorite models, presenters and actresses do, El Armario de la Tele may become your second home. It all started as a site to find the outfits that had appeared on television and although this section is still valid , in this online store you will find a lot of complementary fashion, with a very interesting variety, both in styles and prices. It is clear that the best thing about this website is to be able to see what models our celebrities have worn and to be able to acquire them from the same site . Thus, you can wear the same shirts, dresses and pants that Cristina Pedroche, Thais Villas or   Ana Morgade have worn , among others.

The prices are quite affordable, so don't worry: just because it is stylish fashion does not mean that its cost is prohibitive. Nothing is further from reality. You can find shirts from five euros and benefit from interesting discounts . You can also search by brands, receive shipments in a couple of days and make returns easily. If you have any kind of problem or want to make a question, you can do it over the phone, but you also have a chat in the lower right part of the page.


5. Spartoo

After buying clothes, you will have to choose a pair of shoes, right? Almost all fashion stores include a shoe section, but if you want to have more options to choose from, you would have to access Spartoo . It is an online store where you can find a wide variety of shoes, from a multitude of different brands. The most interesting thing about the store is the search system, since you can choose the colors you like, if you want them to have a heel and what type. You can also filter by country of manufacture, composition, lining, insole, sole, type of closure or size.

Another interesting option is that of discounts. Most products have it, so you can choose whether you want to see only the products that have 70% or 10% , with a wide variety of percentages in between. In addition, if you subscribe to this page you can receive interesting discounts for the first purchase or for successive purchases, so finally, the shoes or sandals you buy may come out for a much cheaper price than in other stores.

Do you usually buy clothes on the Internet? Have you bought in any of these stores? Tell us about your experience in the comments.