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The Zynga company continues its expansion into the world of social games with the addition of a new title to its catalog. On this occasion, the creators of hits such as Farmville, Mafia Wars or Castle Ville have announced the launch of the new Village Life . Although the mechanics of this new game maintain the essence of community, it represents a  new twist, since the player will have direct influence on the lives of the small inhabitants of a village , being able to act as creator and seeing with their own eyes how civilization thrives thanks to good resource management.

The Village Life plot tells how a couple of villagers survive a catastrophe that has devastated their entire village. The couple, who are expecting a child, will have to figure out how to start from scratch , get a new house and prepare everything for the arrival of the little one. This is only the beginning, since this child will be only the tip of the iceberg of the new civilization that we will have to put together with work and ingenuity. If you want to embark on this new adventure, we are going to leave you with the direct link to Village Life , which you can play for free from your computer.

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This real-time simulation game puts us in the difficult situation of creating a town from scratch , but not only in the task of building and sowing and collecting, since the lives of its inhabitants will be on the way. We will have to control everything from the marriages to the pregnancies of the villagers, making sure that everything goes well so that the birth rate of the village takes its course. In this sense, we will have to carry out an exhaustive control, since an excessive population growth, coupled with insufficient resources, could ruin everything created.

Each villager must be happily satisfied, from the first date, through marriage , the birth of their children and old age . Hopefully we will see them die happy and life will continue its course with new generations. Pregnant women require more care and work on the part of men, so they will have to be attentive to all their needs. We can collect food, create craft tools, toys or buildings. The entire game is surrounded by a nostalgic primitive atmosphere with well-cared graphics and effects . Logically at the beginning of our adventure in Village Life, the player will complete the typical mini-tutorial to learn the basic steps, before continuing on their own.

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The news of this launch comes just as Zynga is about to carry out the cancellation of the PetVille game , which will stop working on December 30. It is possible that the large number of similar titles that the company has in the market on different platforms such as Facebook,, Google+, Tencent, Apple's iOS and Android, cause those with less acceptance to be set aside to make way for new ideas or focus on the most successful. In this sense, it is not the first time that Zynga has canceled a title, "Fashion Wars" and "Music Pets suffered the same fate. Then we leave you with the direct linkto be able to play this new Village Life for free.

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