What is it, price and how does the shipment of your orders by eBay work?

What is it, price and how does the shipment of your orders by eBay work?

Submitting an order through eBay is now a bit easier than before. And it is that the platform has enabled a new order delivery system with which it improves transport logistics. Their mission, they say, is to save us time and money. But how exactly does your shipping system work and how can we manage them?

What eBay has enabled for the occasion is a shipping manager, which connects directly with transport services . In this way, users avoid that of choosing and managing transport, to deal only with sales.

This tool is especially aimed, as it cannot be otherwise, for professional users . That is, to those who have a high volume of sales and who, therefore, need an agile and simple management of transports and shipments. But how does it work?

How shipping via PayPal works

To use the shipping manager, logically, you have to access your eBay user account . To do this, you must use the corresponding username and password. Next, what we will get is a list with all the orders and we can see which ones have been paid.

This will be the time to choose the carrier that we prefer . Or rather, the one that best suits the needs of each client or type of shipment. Here we will also see information as important as delivery times. It is important that these coincide with those indicated in the advertisements of your products, to comply with the conditions accepted by the buyer at the time of purchase of the item.

Once the shipment has been decided, you will have to pay the indicated amount and print the labels . The buyer will receive a notification directly to indicate that the shipment has been launched, so that you do not have to do it manually.

ebay send

If you have not made the sales through eBay , you have another option, which is to import them through a CSV file. In this way, you can also manage your shipments from here and centralize everything from a single tool, which in this case is eBay.

What are the prices for shipments?

We have already indicated that there are different types of shipments, which can be adjusted depending on the price , time, service and type of insurance and the options it covers. One of the great advantages that users of eBay shipments will have is volume discounts. The more shipments you make, the less you pay.

The rates are multiple and varied, so we are going to offer you a swing. You should know that eBay offers service with the following carriers:

  • Post office : 3.70 to 16.43 euros
  • Correos Express : 7.38 to 24.23 euros
  • Keavo : 5.57 to 11.66 euros
  • SEUR : 5.85 to 8.22 euros

You must bear in mind that these prices may vary depending on the service of each of these companies . That is, if you choose a premium mode within the same SEUR, the price will increase. In addition, there are also rates per kilo, if you go over the selected weight. On this page you have all the information to consult both the rates for national and international shipments.

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Track shipments

Logically, once the shipment has been made - either through the method and carrier that is - you can track them . You have a page that explains how to track each package, which is an option available to each and every shipping company.

It is also important to take into account how the packages should be packed, because each one has different characteristics and requirements, which change according to volume, weight and content. 

You should know, on the other hand, that there are a number of items that are prohibited . Cannot ship via eBay: alcohol, flammable liquids, compressed gases, jewelry, antiques, money, stamped effects, tobacco, drugs, live plants, explosives, flammable substances, biological samples, funeral transport, weapons, opium and derivatives, toxic substances , radioactive material, perishable goods and products that are prohibited, both at origin and destination.