WhatsApp goes down, problems with the service in Mexico, Argentina or Spain

WhatsApp goes down, problems with the service in Mexico, Argentina or Spain

Every time WhatsApp goes down , our world seems to stop. The messages do not arrive, the answers remain in limbo and we do not stop wondering what may be going through the head of our lover, friend or relative. Like what is happening now all over the world, where thousands of users are reporting problems when connecting with the service and sending their messages. As we have verified through the DownDetector tool, the most affected regions are Mexico and Argentina , while Spain is only suffering problems in a more isolated way and it seems that it is going to get rid of a large part of this fall.


This is the message that has appeared to a large number of users in Mexico when they have installed the WhatsApp update or when reinstalling the app. Twitter has been filled with posts saying “WhatsApp is not available at this time. Please try again in 5 minutes ” . A message that appears in an eternal loop every time they try to enter the messaging app again.

From DownDetector we can also find a large number of users who have reported bugs in the app. Some users, seeing that WhatsApp began to fail, have made the mistake of uninstalling it and reinstalling it ... Which has caused the happy five-minute message to appear when they try to verify their number again. Although DownDetector speaks of nine twenty at night as the time when the problems began, everything indicates that something else has gone wrong.

And it is not only a matter of WhatsApp in Spanish. Problems are also occurring in other areas such as Portugal . At this time, everything indicates that the failure is in the update that the company has launched today , although WhatsApp has not given any explanation (in fact, for years no new tweets have been published on the Twitter account dedicated to warning about these incidents). For now, we have to wait calmly for it to be solved internally.

Does WhatsApp work well for you? Are you also suffering the fall at this time?