Amazon Assistant, this is how the Amazon shopping assistant works


Finding the cheapest price for the item we are looking for is a fundamental question in these times of austerity. Saving the slightest euro on our purchases can mean the difference between making ends meet and not doing so. That is why any tool that we can use to buy cheaper is necessary. And if it is simple to use, all the better. For this comes Amazon Assistant, a utility from the Internet commerce giant that will help us make a smarter and more economical purchase.

Download Amazon Assistant now

Amazon Assistant is a complement to our browser. That is, it is not a website where you can consult information but we will have to download the application and add it to our Google Chrome or Firefox. It is very simple, you just have to go to the official page of the add-on from the browser in which we want to install it and click on download. Automatically, the Amazon Assistant icon will appear at the top right of the browser, indicating that we have installed it successfully. Amazon Assistant works, among others, in the main browsers we use.

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

amazon assistant 03

This is how Amazon Assistant works in web browsers

Once installed, click inside the icon. We will see a small tutorial in which we are informed about what we will be able to do with this Amazon assistant to save on purchases. Imagine you want to buy a new phone. Let's say you've decided on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The first thing we do, of course, is to search online what offers are available among the main online stores. To do this, we put in the search engine 'Samsung Galaxy S8' and enter the page of an online store, for example, Media Markt.

When we access the page of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Media Markt, almost instantly and without doing anything, we will have a bar at the top of the screen where we can see at what price they have it on Amazon . So you can compare both prices and buy it where it is cheaper. As an example, we attach a screenshot so you can see it more clearly.

price comparison samsung galaxy s8 amazon assistant

In Media Markt we have the Samsung Galaxy S8 at a price of 584 euros while on the Amazon page we can buy it for 539 euros , 45 euros of savings. Almost nothing.

If we hover over the 'More information' button that appears in the Amazon price bar, a pop-up window will appear with more details about the product. We will have to press 'View on Amazon' to be able to enter, this time, in greater depth within the product. Now it only remains to buy it if we wish.

With Amazon Assistant we can do other things besides compare products. We can add products to our wish list without having to be on Amazon. When entering a store, press the assistant button. If you do not recognize the site, we can edit the details of the site and include the desired item in the wish list. You just have to click on 'Edit details'.

amazon assistant 02

In addition, with Amazon Assistant we can keep track of our orders and offers, change the country of purchase (now we can make purchases in Amazon United States and they send it to us) and configure all the notices from the same assistant tab. A complement that will be an essential help for all those who do not stop buying things on Amazon.