The best memes to congratulate Christmas Eve on WhatsApp

christmas eve memes

You have to set the table, make the last purchases in extremis , and put up with the brother-in-law on duty because yes, it is Christmas Eve . And tomorrow Christmas , fun fun fun. There is already enough stress to find the space to think , the eloquence to write and the spark to fall in love with messages to congratulate the holidays. Don't worry, is here to save the day with a good collection of memes . Feel free to share any of them left and right .

We couldn't start this article without the classic of the classics. It has fallen in love with hundreds and has benefited millions, or so the gossip says. The fact is that, with a microphone or on a white background and pointing, Julio Iglesias knows how to give you what you like. And in this case it is a Christmas greeting . Bad thoughts!

christmas eve memes julio iglesias

It is another classic in this of Christmas memes, but it has us in love. And is that, when you run into, always accidentally (of course), with the gifts of Santa Claus before time , you know that you have to put up with the urge to tear the paper and see what it is about. And in this case it is an iPad . There is no doubt ”¦

memes christmas eve ipad

A minute of silence for all those who have to put up with the heavy brother- in- law of the family (note that there may be any kinship relationship with that person) on Christmas Eve . They buy faster, cheaper, prettier and always the latest, and they have no problem rubbing it in your face. Too bad they don't also buy muzzles and wear them on these occasions.

memes christmas eve brother in law

Christmas Eve dinner opens the season to all kinds of Christmas excesses . Julio Iglesias will spend it with pelvic cardiovascular exercise, but you, dear reader, are going to eat as if there were no tomorrow. So prepare the Almax , the Omeoprazole and enjoy without looking at the scale. (Explanatory note for the geeks of the world: yes, it is a meme that refers to the Tolkien universe of The Lord of the Rings in an image of Ned Stark, guardian of Winterfell. We know it, and you too, thanks for focusing on the humor .)

memes christmas eve almax

New Year's Eve has not arrived and you are already suffering from family harassment due to all the failures of this 2016 , which have not been few. Exams, never-ending weddings, impossible moves, finding a job. Isn't this moment supposed to be happy for the whole family?

memes christmas eve awkward questions

The rules of the game have changed. No more being a good boy or girl . Who does not cry does not breastfeed, and if Santa Claus does not bring you what you expected, you know what you have to do. A good threat to share with "your Santa Claus" before December 25 arrives and there is no solution to the problem "¦

memes christmas eve bad boy

It is impossible to succumb to these Internet fads, especially when almost everyone finds them funny. This year, the Christmas Eve dinner is going to be starred by the “sure yes, sweetie” . It is a fact, and this meme gives a good account of it.

Just you, repeating dessert on Christmas Eve

I'm going for another polvorón.

”” Leo (@ Leito_82) December 17, 2016

Have we already talked about food ? We cannot help it. The family, the Christmas atmosphere, the gifts ”¦ All that is very good, but if there is something that we remember when these dates pass, in addition to the badge that the drunken brother-in-law has dropped on us, it is how well he has eaten. Especially when you have to invest twice as much time in the gym to lose the extra kilos . And it is that there are menus so good that you do not know when to stop eating.

memes christmas eve food

And we can't finish this compilation of memes without the black WhatsApp . A classic that is reissued every time. This time with an image that, when shared in a chat, looks like the innocent Christmas Eve dinner menu . Of course, by clicking on the photo, the full potential is displayed. All the meat is exposed for the enjoyment of some and the horror of others.

memes christmas eve black whatsapp