Spotify collects your most popular songs of 2016

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What are the songs that summarize your year 2016? Do you usually follow the fashions or like salmon, do you swim against the current? As the most listened to does not always coincide with what is really a trend, this year the guys from Spotify wanted to do something special and have created a playlist with your most popular songs of this 2016. Indeed, the  Flashback 2016 of this year includes a compilation (which by the way you can reproduce and to which you have the option to subscribe) with the songs you have listened to the most in the last twelve months . By including the songs you like the most, you will have the opportunity to arrange in a single playlist the most listened to songs by number of reproductions, although if you feel like it, you can also modify the order to enjoy them as you want . The list is quite accurate and includes, for better or worse, all the songs that you have played the most and that, therefore, you especially like. Which are yours?


But if you want to know what has been heard the most in Spain , don't worry, because Spotify has also compiled in several specials the music most listened to in our country, but also in the rest of the world. Thus, in the Top Songs 2016 in Spain we will find the following themes:

  1. The heart hurts - Enrique Iglesias
  2. One Dance - Drake, Wizkid, Kyla
  3. Faded - Alan Walker
  4. I Took a Pill in Ibiza - Mike Poosner, Seeb
  5. How dare you - Morat
  6. Until Dawn - Nicky Jam
  7. Light It Up - Major Laser, Fuse
  8. Picky - Joey Montana
  9. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
  10. The Bicycle - Carlos Vives, Shakira
  11. Cheap Thrills - Sia
  12. Dance With Me - Juan Magán, Luciana
  13. Ain't Your Mama - Jennifer Lopez
  14. Mayor than Yo 3 - Luny Tunnes, Daddy Yankee
  15. Lush Life - Zara Larrsson

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Part of these songs also appear in the ranking of Top Artists 2016, because artists such as Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, Coldplay, Nicky Jam, Sia, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco or Adele continue to appear . If your tastes do not match up to this point, you can also take a look at the Top of Female Artists 2016 or Male Artists 2016 , in which you will logically see that the greats of the music of the moment appear. For girls, the top positions are reserved for Sia, Rihanna, Adele, Shakira, Ariana Grande, Zara Larrsson, Jennifer Lopez, Malu, Meghan Trainor, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Vanesa Martin or Beyoncé. At the top of the boys we find the same old men, but it should be noted that among the most listened to Spaniards that appear on the international list are Manuel Carrasco, Melendi  and Estopa .

If you like a very specific style of music and these general lists do not convince you , you can also take a look at the specific lists by genres: Best of 2016: Latin Pop (with Enrique Iglesias and Carlos Vives at the helm); Best of 2016: Latin Alternative (Jósean Log, Ruzzi, Gepe and León Larregui); Best of 2016: Latin Urban (Zion & Lennox and Nicky Jam) or Best of 2016: Radar Latino (with Sebastián Latra and CNCO).

If none of this convinces you, the best thing you can do is go back to your playlist of the year or discover interesting new artists in the myriad of timeless playlists that Spotify makes available to all users . And now, share with us your favorite song of 2016! Could you choose one?