Google Maps shows the distance between two or more points on the map

Google Maps 00

The Google company has just launched a major update for one of its most successful services: Google Maps . It is a new system that will allow users to calculate the distance between two or more points on the map, without having to resort to other tools or internal or external counters . The update has been launched silently for the web version of Google Maps , so for now, we have no record of when it will arrive for the different mobile platforms (read iOS or Android ). In any case, we can indicate that users who have already been updated will be able to perform any measurementon the map between two or more points, thus more easily calculating the distance between two different cities or locations. But how can we do it?

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1) The first thing will be that you enter  Google Maps , of course, although you must remember to access the new Google Maps (here we provide the direct link).

2) Travel to the starting point. Just zoom in with the mouse. Now click with the right button on the place and select the option Measure the distance .

3) Next, click on any point on the map, final or intermediate destination of the route you want to calculate. For example, if you want to know the distance between Guadalajara and Sigí¼enza , click on this second town now. Instantly, a line will appear that connects these two locations and the exact distance will be indicated: 68.44 km.

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4) But if you want to keep measuring the distance between Guadalajara and other cities, you just have to click on the exact points . The system will continue to draw lines on the map until you are done. As you can see, it is a very interesting tool for those who want to make routes and know the exact distance between the different points on the map.

5) Also, you should know that if you have made a mistake or want to change a point on the route, you will only have to drag the point to another location or click on it to delete it.

6) To see the distance between each point and the total route you will only have to look at the map or under the search box . You will see that the distance resulting from the route that you have traced on the map is shown there.

7) If you have already finished and want to delete the measurement you just made, you just have to press the right button of the mouse on the map and select the option Delete the measurement .

We remind you that to obtain more information about each of the points that you are going to visit, you just have to click on the location with the right button and click on What's here? You will see that a Street View image is activated in the search box through which you can take a look around the area, seeing in real photographs the appearance of the town or city, its streets and monuments.