▷ Sco pa tu manaa: the best memes of the latest Twitter viral

sco pa tu manaa meme twitter

Sco pa tu manaa, not Sco tu pa mana or Sco para tu manaa, has become the last most popular Twitter viral since “Ontas” stopped being on everyone's lips. The meaning of the expression that is so fashionable is already explained in the article that we have just linked. From then until now, many Twitter users have joined the latest viral from a song by the Ghanaian-based artist Kawoulaa Biov, and this time we have made a compilation with the best Sco pa tu manaa memes on Twitter .

What the fuck does Sco mean for your manaa?

While a large number of users express their opinion with the aforementioned meme or create jokes with the pronunciation of the fashionable phrase, many others do not know its meaning. And you, do you know what the c **** means?

What the fuck is “sco pa tu manaa” that you want to break everyone's head in this social network of assholes

- rodsquare (@RodSquare_) July 24, 2019

An older man needs you to tell him what that “sco pa tu manaa” is about.

Well, I'll tell you, the older man is me.

- Guillem Clua (@guillemclua) July 26, 2019

Me entering Twitter without knowing that posh means "sco pa tu manaa" pic.twitter.com/RHnLuVFOco

- potitocapotito son of a thousand bitch (@ Monokuma500) July 29, 2019

Seriously, the meme already tires

We do not tell us, but dozens of Twitter users who say they are tired of seeing the meme pa Sco your manaa in their Timelin e . To test a few tweets of outrage.

I see another "sco pa tu manaa" more and I beat them all up //t.co/S4Qv7Npf0A

- oʍoɾǝlɐ (@alejowo_) July 24, 2019

Every time I read sco for your manaa pic.twitter.com/kbTN7tmMbV

- Tomy Frizone (@Tomy_Frizone) July 28, 2019

So they have me with the "Sco pa tu manaa" pic.twitter.com/1gG7xpStlC

- Gonzalo (@GonziGoette) July 28, 2019

Every time I see “Sco pa tu manaa” on my TL pic.twitter.com/ShXGAfboUI

- 🇧🇷Capitão (@OVOMMXX) July 28, 2019

But how do you pronounce Sco pa tu manaa?

Sco tu pa mana, sco pa tu manaa, scop tu manaa ... How do you pronounce the happy expression? This is what Twitter users are saying. Just below this paragraph we can find the original pronunciation of the song by Kawoulaa Biov. The rest are just crude imitations.

Sco pa tu manaa… I needed to hear this pronunciation and… pic.twitter.com/TTXRSXII08

- Suziepooh (@hyperbusygirl) July 24, 2019

The sco pa tu manaa family 😂😂this is for you 😂😂😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/HrOWuEB5MY

- Nafisa Yakubu🇬🇭🇬🇭 (@ NafisaYakubu01) July 28, 2019

The pronunciation is “SCO PA TU MANAA” //t.co/A6p8uhG5fI

- osei (We Never Gon 'Lose🙏🏾 💯) (@bossman_n) July 26, 2019

Give me Sco pa tu manaa memes

Memes, memes and more memes of Sco pa tu manaa. We leave you a compilation with several of the best that we have been able to find on Twitter.

Sco pa tu shut the fuck up pic.twitter.com/fOW4TwqfwL

- Yin. ☯️ (@DrugInYourVains) July 26, 2019

Sco's tweets for your manaa appearing at our start pic.twitter.com/LOkUKbyfjd

- alejo agustin 🙁 (@agusalejook) July 27, 2019

Do you know how many sco for your morning I saw this week Marge? 250,000! pic.twitter.com/tv7vBokbiv

- Austin (@lucass_fj) July 27, 2019

All: Sco pa tu manaa

Me: pic.twitter.com/w6vo8NSHIJ

- Luis Mazariegos (@ LuisMazaG10) July 27, 2019


- RCD Narratives - ABS-CBN (@RCDNarratives) July 29, 2019

Me: * mutes sco pa tu manaa and every variation of the spelling *

Twitter: pic.twitter.com/zGs7SDDBF6

- Queen D 🏁💙 (@radricadavis) July 29, 2019

'Sco pa tu manaa' then this video .. i wonder what's next 🤔 pic.twitter.com/CtQH9Bjwvm

- Gabriel Smith 💕 (@lihhbratt) July 28, 2019

- Dad, what does “Sco pa tu manaa” mean?

- What does it mean? What does not mean! 😂😂😂 Oh, it means so many things that… Oh dear! The things that mean "Sco pa tu manaa"! Oh my God!

- You don't know what it means, do you?

- No idea, no 😔 pic.twitter.com/Xsv8YSrXcr

- Simpsonito (@SimpsonitoMX) July 29, 2019

sco pa tu manaa entering to invade all tweet pic.twitter.com/7UhvDRi9jl

- lud - the wise ଘ (੭ * ˊᵕˋ) ੭ * (@poetryoleff) July 28, 2019

all these sco pa tu manaa tweets making me lose my mind pic.twitter.com/06XNRxxeJQ

- beth (@seuIrose) July 28, 2019