Samsung WB350F, we tested this smart camera

Samsung WB350F

The Samsung WB350F is a new proposal from the Korean company that combines a compact camera with good photo performance and an excellent zoom of up to 21x with various smart options. Thanks to these advanced functions, we can synchronize the camera with a mobile phone and transmit the photos directly , upload the images to Dropbox or Facebook through WiFi or even use the camera as a baby monitor. All this with a 23mm wide-angle lens and an elegant and retro design that follows the lines set by the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 3.We have had the opportunity to test this compact camera in depth. We tell you our impressions.

Samsung WB350F

Quality and wide-angle image

The Samsung WB350F photographic camera has a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels through a BSI CMOS sensor with a 23-millimeter wide-angle lens . This type of lens allows us to obtain much larger images without having to move away from the scene we want to photograph, something very important if we want to cover elements such as large buildings or landscapes. Also noteworthy is the good ability of this camera to capture light and generate photographs with good definition even in darker rooms and without using the Flash. Precisely, another of the attractions of the Samsung deviceit is the tab that makes a Flash unit jump and that generates a powerful enough flash for photographs that require it. The Samsung WB350F is also capable of recording video in Full HD quality of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, although this function is of secondary importance in the equipment.

Samsung WB350F

An excellent 21x optical zoom

The functionality that carries most of the weight of this camera's appeal is its powerful 21x optical zoom. Thanks to this function, we will be able to bring the most distant elements closer together in a more than remarkable way without hardly noticing a loss in the definition of the camera or the usual shaking of the image. Whether you want to photograph the detail of a statue on top of a cathedral or bring a distant landscape closer to the camera's eye, this optical zoom becomes a fundamental tool that forms one of the great pillars of the Samsung WB350F.

Samsung WB350F

Design and touch screen

In the field of design, Samsung has wanted to bring to this smart camera the same main lines that we find in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . Specifically, this device sports an elegant and somewhat retro finish, with the front lined with a cover made of imitation leather (the same as the case of the Note 3). The result is a very attractive team with a classic touch. This leather-lined part is combined with the dominance of the metallic zones both on the bottom and on the top and on the edge of the lens. One of the details that we really liked about this equipment is that it is not necessary to remove the battery from the camerato charge it, since the equipment uses the same connection through which most smartphones and tablets are charged. To increase the personalization of the device, this model is available in the colors black, brown and white. In addition, this attractive design is enhanced through its three-inch touch screen, which makes it easy to use the different camera options and view photos.

Samsung WB350F

Photography modes and photo editing

As is usual in this type of camera, we will have several modes to take photographs that are adapted to the needs of each user. The basic mode for those who are not experts in handling these devices is the auto mode . This feature automatically adapts the camera to the most suitable mode for each photograph. For more experienced users, this camera allows you to manually change both the shutter and the lens aperture. We also have a series of custom modes for the different scenes, aimed above all at making life easier for users. These are the “Smart” modes , which include options such as “ Beautiful face”, “Landscape” or “Freeze action”.Another function that we can also find in the camera of some leading Samsung smartphones is a mode to take several continuous shots and then the camera automatically chooses the snapshot that has turned out the best.

The Samsung WB350F camera also integrates various special tools to add various effects and filters to the photographs we take. These are various functions that can have us fiddling with the camera for a long time. Within the live filters that the Samsung camera allows , we have found the moving image modes very curious , with which we can drag a part of the image so that it simulates its movement, while the image remains fixed from behind initial. Or the mode for inserting transparency into the image . We also have more typical modes in a device of this type such as sepia mode, a filter that simulates a sketch or a classic mode for taking photos with a strong retro look. In addition, it also includes a simple image editor with which basic retouching is added to photos without having to opt for a dedicated application on the computer. In this case, the available options are to crop the image, change its orientation, or change the brightness, contrast, or saturation values.

Samsung WB350F

Smart camera

Undoubtedly, another of the great bets of this compact camera are its options to share the photos with our friends and upload them to the network. In the first case, we can use the WiFi connection to transmit images to other smartphones and tablets that are connected to the same network. File transmission is done through the Samsung Smart Camera app . Once we synchronize the two devices, we can configure the application so that the images taken in the camera are sent directly to the smartphone. In addition, we can also transfer images through the NFC connection on those smartphones and tablets that have this function.

The Samsung WB350F has other smart options to send images directly to other services on the network. One of the options that we liked the most is to send a photograph directly via email. We can also share the photos through Facebook or upload the snapshots to the Dropbox network storage platform . Precisely at this point it seems to us that the interface of this tool could have been further enhanced, especially when entering user credentials. But it's still a remarkable cast of options that will power up your camera options. Finally, we would also like to highlight the option to use thiscamera as a baby monitor.

Samsung WB350F

Price and reviews

The  Samsung WB350F can already be found on the market for an approximate price of  225 euros. In short, we found it to be a very balanced compact camera in which both its attractive design with a leather-like cover and especially the exceptional 21x optical zoom stand out brilliantly . This functionality will significantly improve the photos we take. We also liked the intelligent options for sharing photos through WiFi , although it is true that in this aspect we have left something short after seeing management options and allowing 3G models like the Samsung Galaxy Camera Original. But on the whole we are faced with a camera that more than meets its goal of becoming a reliable companion for photo enthusiasts.

Data sheet

TypeCompact camera
Weight and measurements113.6 x 65.1 x 25 millimeters.

216 grams (body only)

Memory8GB MicroSD memory card
screenTFT LCD touch screen

7.5 cm / 3 inches diagonal

Adjustable brightness

Live viewer

Sensor and image size7.7mm BSI CMOS Sensor

16.7 megapixels (16.3 effective mpx)

Large JPEG at 16 mpx: 4.608 x 3.456 px

Medium JPEG at 10 mpx: 3,648 x 2,736 px

Small JPEG at 5 mpx: 2,592 x 1,944 px

FullHD 1080p videos up to 30 fps

Up to 21x optical zoom

FormatsImage: JPEG

Video: MP4

Controls and functionsPhysical and tactile buttons

WiFi connection

MicroUSB 2.0 output

External flash by top shoe

Auto Scenes: Portrait, Night Portrait, Night, Backlight Portrait, Backlight, Landscape, White, Macro, Text Macro, Tripod, Action, Color Macro, Natural Green, Blue Sky, Sunset, Fireworks, Light low light spot, macro spot light, retro spot light

Smart scenes: Beautiful face, Landscape, Frozen action, Panorama, Waterfall, Silhouette, Sunset, Fireworks, Light trace, Low light shot, Vivid tone, Continuous shot, Macro

Settings: Exposure Compensation, White Balance, HDR, Creative Modes, Metering Type.

ISO 100-25,600

Smart cameraShare images via WiFi Direct

Share images via NFC

Upload photos to Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa

Transfer images directly to your smartphone or tablet when they are made

Baby monitor

Price225 euros
+ infoSamsung