10 funny memes to better survive Monday

10 funny memes to better survive Monday

Today is Monday. For many it may be one more day, but for others it is the end of a couple of days of rest that have served to relax more than necessary. That is why Mondays are so feared. It's time to get on your feet and kick off a week full of work and activities. Whether we want it or not, they are necessary obligations, so the only thing left for us is to take it with humor and resign ourselves with a smile. Furthermore, some may take comfort in the fact that the Constitution Bridge is coming shortly, with several national holidays. Christmas is also around the corner, with various celebrations.

If none of this comforts you, we have more solutions. We have prepared a series of memes fun you will not save on Monday, but surely you will help better survive this day . If you like them, you can share them with your friends on social networks or WhatsApp. This way you will also help them to bear it.

monday memes

Does it also happen to you that without coffee you are nobody? To survive this Monday in November with strength, nothing better than having a good cup of hot coffee with milk. If not even with those you can get over this day, your energy fails and you need something stronger, after a while have another strong coffee. As in the previous image, you may need more than one cup today to better cope with the hours, which seem to go by just today slower than ever.

memes monday hours

Well yes, unfortunately, it seems that on Mondays time passes much slower. You go like slow motion and it sure is hard for you to do any type of activity. The worst thing is when you get to work and find yourself with a backlog and with many things to update. No, definitely, Mondays are not made for the vast majority of mortals.

meme monday diet

It doesn't have to be all bad on a Monday. The beginning of the week can be used to start with all those plans that you always have pending, but you are leaving them aside. For example, starting a diet, quitting smoking, playing sports ... You don't have to cross things off your list from January 1, as is often the case. Mondays are the best day for all your purposes to come true.

positive monday memes

If you can't handle Monday, there is nothing better than taking things positively. Since you cannot change the day to Saturday or Sunday with a Harry Potter wand, it is best that you accept it and welcome it with your best smile. Repeat with me: "This Monday will be a piece of cake . "

memes monday dog

The good thing happens quickly and that Sunday is soon over and Monday arrives. Without realizing it, we have in front of the mirror a face very similar to that of this dog. Surely more than one feels identified with this meme and today he has woken up with this same face. Surprised by the arrival of the beginning of the week.

Monday beatles memes

Can you imagine the Beatles' Abbey Road cover was made on a Monday? It is possible that something like this would have remained . They surely would not have been so fresh and determined walking on the most famous zebra crossing in the world.

memes cinderella monday

The truth is that Monday is not only the worst day to draw strength and energy. It is also for getting ready and dressing for work. How good we see each other on a Saturday and how expensive we have on Monday morning. Good thing there are the big sunglasses and the high-necked coats.

meme monday yoga

Around twelve or so, Monday can be really heavy and tiring. We recommend that you take a while to relax and get into zen mode. Try not to stress and think that today is not Monday, it is one more day on the calendar.

memes monday face

If you hold out until the end of the day with a positive thought, you will have survived another Monday without problems. She thinks that Tuesday is not that far away, that afterwards we are already midweek. There really isn't that much left for Friday. If that's the attitude.