How to free download and install Windows 10

Windows 10

There is not much left for Windows 10 to be officially released. Microsoft's operating system will arrive during the summer with many new features. The objective, to continue with some of the paths that Windows 8 had started, but also to fix some decisions that have not been able to reach the public. We speak above all, as expected, of the disappearance of the start menu that has earned so much criticism to the latest Windows. The next Windows 10 will bring back this menu with a renewed design that includes the cells of the main Windows 8 interface.But this is not the only great change that this platform that aims very high brings us. If you don't want to wait any longer to start testing these new features, we will tell you how you can download and install the previous version of Windows 10 for free.

Before starting with the instructions, we have to remember that it is a beta version of the system . Microsoft advises that it is not recommended to install this preliminary version on the computer that we usually use, since errors may occur that lead to data loss or the need to restore the computer from scratch. Personally, we have not had any problems so far.

In order to install the previous version of Windows 10 , the first step that must be carried out is to join the official Microsoft program for those users who want to try the new Windows. To do this, you access the official page of the company and enter your Microsoft account data (voucher with a Hotmail account ). If you don't have one, you will have to create it from scratch, a process that takes a few minutes. After this previous step, we are taken to a page with some warnings that must be taken into account, both the dangers of using a beta and the technical requirements to install Windows 10. These requirements include the need to have 1 GB of RAM (2 GB in case of installing the 64-bit version) or 16 GB of space on disk.

Windows 10

In the next window, we click on "Install update now" . The browser begins downloading the executable file and after starting it we will be asked to restart the computer. What Windows is doing is preparing the ground for installing Windows 10 directly from the Windows Update tool . In principle, when rebooting the system we should see how a control panel window opens directly with this platform. Otherwise, we can access it manually.

Microsoft will start looking for the latest updates available through Update. By the way, we probably need to be patient as this search process can take a few minutes. Once found, we must click on the option "Install update now". Keep in mind that the download takes just under three gigabytes , so again we will have to wait a while (depending on our connection and the Microsoft server) until it is completed. Meanwhile, we can use the computer regularly.

Windows 10

We already have the installation ready, but we will still be asked if we have changed our mind one last time. We go through this process and accept the conditions and we can begin the installation of Windows 10. One of the advantages of carrying out the update in this way is that we can keep our programs and personal files , something that is appreciated. However, we recommend carrying out a backup of our important data in case of any problems.

Installation can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, so finding an alternative occupation in the meantime would not be a bad idea. And it is that during this process we will go through several processes with their respective percentages that can get to nerve the most patient . "Configuring update", "Configuring", "Preparing devices", "Preparing", "Applying PC configuration" and "¦" Configuring some more things " . A madness that could be fixed (and we hope it is fixed) in the final version with a single progress bar. If you've made it this far, you can finally enjoy the preview version of Windows 10. If you're testing it, what do you think of Microsoft's new operating system? Will it take off after Windows 8?