The 10 best tricks to get the most out of your Apple Watch

The 10 best tricks to get the most out of your Apple Watch

Do you have an Apple Watch and want to get the most out of it? Apple's smart watch has many more options than those mentioned on their website. We can adjust parameters and access options to make life a little easier. Here I tell you the 10 best tricks for your Apple Watch.

These tricks work for all Apple Watch models, although there are some options that are only available for the Apple Watch Series 4 or Series 5. 

Activate the flashlight on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch does not have an LED flash, but it does have an option that allows us to use the screen as a flashlight. It is very useful if, for example, we have to open the door of the house with the keys and it is night. To activate the flashlight slide from the bottom up. Go down until you see a flashlight icon. P ou can adjust the intensity by pressing a touch on the screen. You can also swipe to enter emergency mode, where the panel will flash an emergency warning.

Set up fall detection

Apple Watch fall detection

Apple Watch can detect sharp drops or bumps. When this happens, an interface is activated that allows you to call the emergency services or a trusted contact. This feature is disabled by default , but can be easily enabled.

Fall detection is only available on Apple Watch series 4 or higher . This is how it is activated.

  • Open the 'Watch' app on the iPhone
  • Access the My watch tab> SOS Emergency
  • Activate fall detection

Change view of tile icons to list

The Apple Watch's app menu is in a random type of view, offering a different aesthetic. You may want to change the icon view to a list view. From the watch, access all applications through the 'Digital Crown'. Then press the screen until you feel a small vibration . The controls will open to be able to choose between viewing the icons by mosaic or list. Choose the last option and you will see that automatically the distribution of the icons changes.

Prevent Siri from waking up when you lift the clock


The Apple Watch has a very interesting Siri feature. Every time we quickly lift the clock and start talking, Siri kicks in. It can be very useful when we do not have the mobile phone at hand and we want to summon the assistant, but on many occasions, this option is activated accidentally. Fortunately, we can disable it in the clock settings.

Go to Settings> Siri. Uncheck the box that says 'Pick up to speak'. Keep the other boxes checked, as you can always summon the assistant via the 'Hey Siri' command or by holding down the crown.

Hide some notifications on Apple Watch


The iPhone notifications can be seen through the Apple Watch, this can make someone also see the message or email that has reached us. There is an option to change this so that the notification message is hidden. That is, only the alert and the app name that issued it comes out, but without the message.

To hide notifications, go to the Watch app on the iPhone. Then tap My watch> Notifications. Activate the option called 'Private notifications'. You will be able to see them when you click on the alert.

How to find your iPhone with the Apple Watch

If you have lost your iPhone you can have the Apple Watch look for it. Of course, as long as it is within your reach. The iPhone will make a sound. You can also make the iPhone flashlight to find it in your purse or backpack.

  • If you just want it to ring: on the dial, slide from the bottom to the center. Click on the icon that appears a mobile. The sound will start playing.
  • If you want it to beep and light up: instead of pressing once, press and hold for a few seconds.

How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch

Apple Watch screenshot

Go to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. In the 'My watch' section, click on 'General'. Activate the option called 'Activate screenshots' . Now, you just have to press the side button and the crown button at the same time. The watch will vibrate, that means that the capture was successful. The image is automatically saved in your iPhone gallery.

How to access multitasking

A simple trick to access recent apps that we have open on the clock. Press once on the side button and the multitasking menu will open , with all the recent applications. Close those you don't use to save some battery.

We can also change this option and instead of the recent apps our favorite applications come out. You just have to go to the Watch app, click on 'Dock' and select 'Favorites'.

Activate 'Table Clock' mode to see the clock time while charging


A very interesting option if you have a charging dock. The Apple Watch allows you to activate an option to use it as a night watch while charging. The screen remains black and only the time and date are visible. In addition, if we have an alarm set, we can wake up with it, since the screen will light up more and more.

To activate Bedside mode, go to Settings> General> Table Clock Mode . Activate this option.

Why is it so important to change the position of the watch in the settings

The Apple Watch is designed to be worn on the left wrist, with the crown on the right side. However, it is likely that being left-handed, it is better for you to put the watch on your right wrist so that you can control it with your left hand . Or the crown bothers you on the right side and you want to put it on the left. Apple allows you to change the position of the clock from the settings so that the content adapts.

Enter the Clock Settings. Then tap General> Orientation. Select the orientation of the wrist depending on where it is located on the watch. Also the position of the digital crown.