Microsoft Word 2007 - How to password protect a document


If you usually work with Word files and you would like to know how to protect them from being opened or modified by other people, you should know that you have the option to save them under a password . If you still haven't figured out how to do it in Word 2007 , you're probably not the only one. Microsoft has hidden this option a lot that before could be seen more easily. Here's how to put a password in a Word file in four easy steps.


1) Access your Word document and click on the Office symbol , located in the upper left corner of the program. Click on the option " Save as " and select " Word Document ".


2) Give the document a name and click on the option " Tools " at the bottom of the box. Access " General Options ".


3) Now, inside the " Opening password " field , you must write the password you want to protect its opening. If what you want is to protect the writing , you must fill in the field " Write password ". When you finish and click "OK" , the system will ask you to retype the password .


4) Every time you want to access the document, the Microsoft Word system will ask you for the password . Try not to forget it because they are not recoverable . But if what you want is to stop protecting the documents, you will have to follow the same steps , delete the passwords and click "OK".

We remind you that you can use the same system to protect all file types Brand Microsoft Office : PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Access to books .

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Photo by: wakko