How to request the draft of the rent without box 440

How to request the draft of the rent without box 440

Today the Income 2016 campaign started. We have to settle accounts with the Tax Agency and we have time to do it, but we have to be agile. The deadline runs from April 5 to June 30, 2017. This means that you have up to three months to submit the documentation.

One of the first tasks at hand is to request the draft. E l draft is a document that summarizes the tax information that the Tax Agency has on you.

Most likely, some data such as your income (based on what companies have declared about you to the Agency itself), information about your bank yields or about your properties will be included here. If you have any in property.

This will help you jump-start the declaration machinery . If you are not self-employed or have companies, you will be able to present your own draft (as long as it is correct) and speed up the procedures, both for presentation and return.

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The problem in box 440

If you want to request the draft, you will have to do it online. You can start the process from the Tax Agency's own page. But keep in mind that the first thing you will have to do is ask for the reference number . To do this, if you want to do it like this, you will need the information in box 440 of the 2015 Income Statement.

This is the information that will help you identify yourself as a taxpayer. Thus, in addition to adding the name, surname and your phone numbers, you will have to include that number. It's on page 5 of the 2015 income tax return . It corresponds to the general taxable base subject to tax [(435) - (436)].

To get the reference number and download the draft, you just have to enter the number that appears in that box. Nothing else.

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How to request the draft without the information in box 440

It is clear that if you want to download any tax data from the Tax Agency website, you will have to identify yourself in some way. The box 440 system to get the reference number is very practical . And the thing is that for this, it is not necessary to have an electronic certificate or Cl @ ve PIN, which are always more complicated systems.

If you discard requesting the draft with the information in box 440, you can do either of the two things that we indicate below.

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Use the Cl @ ve PIN system

The Cl @ ve PIN system is another viable option, although what you normally have to do is go to the offices of the Tax Agency to request the code. This complicates things. To facilitate the process, what the agency has done this year is to send a letter to all taxpayers who have carried out any procedure through the Internet.

You most likely received the letter within the past week. In this the taxpayer is warned that the 2016 Income campaign is about to begin. At the same time, it provides the individualized code to register in the Cl @ ve system and access the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency.

In fact, in addition to download the draft and make the statement of income 2016, the code Cl @ ve PIN will also serve to make inquiries and transactions online 24 hours a day .

If you have not received the letter, you will have to go to a Tax Agency office to request said code. When you have it, you will have to access the Cl @ ve PIN system to configure a 4-character password that you decide. You will also have to include the number of your NIF or NIE and the mobile phone number.

From there, you can get the reference number to download the draft with the Cl @ ve PIN.

Access with electronic certificate

If you have an electronic certificate, you will only have to click on the Electronic certificate link . You will quickly obtain the reference number and can download the draft.

If you do not have a certificate, you will have to start the process to get one. This will allow you to make this the draft request, but also many other steps for which you also need to legally identify yourself. To do this, go to the page of the National Currency and Stamp Factory. From this section you can get, but do not forget you have to go physically to verify your identity .