Haier, new American-style XXL refrigerators

haier hb25fguaaa

Haier just showed what its next high-capacity refrigerators will look like . They are appliances designed to store the maximum amount of products, both frozen and fresh. With their XXL size , they can keep large amounts of food in perfect condition for a long time. The new models stand out for their titanium-colored finishes and for their low electricity consumption. The first of these is the Haier HB25FGUAAA , with a total capacity of 689 litersand with dimensions of a width of one meter, 1.9 meters high and 77 centimeters deep. It is not your typical American refrigerator with only two doors that open like a wardrobe. Its design is different. The upper half, the one reserved for the refrigerator , has two doors facing each other. Then, the lower half, where the freezer is , has two drawers (sliding drawers) that facilitate organization and access to products.

All the doors are finished in glass on a thin sheet of glass. With this “french door” style design, the brand's engineers have achieved a net capacity of 464 liters for the refrigerator plus 225 liters for the freezer. Inside the refrigerator are two MyZone drawers , with a capacity of 30 liters. It is a modular space that is designed to preserve fresh food , such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The user can adjust the temperature of MyZone  between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius . The HB25FGUAAA has LED lighting inside, a low consumption but high performance solution, so that the user can easily find the food. It isenergy class A ++ .

haier hb25fguaaa

The Haier HRF-810DU8 is also an American-style refrigerator, with two facing doors, which are finished in metallic-looking glass. It consumes very little, within its size; It has an A +++ energy label . Above, it is very quiet; the noise level is 38 decibels. It offers a large storage capacity: 785 liters in total , with a dimensions of one meter wide , 1.9 meters high and 76.6 centimeters deep. The capacity of the freezer is 326 liters, divided into x interior drawers. As for the refrigerator, it has a capacity of 438 liters. The refrigeration cavity has eight shelves and a MyZone drawer for fresh products which, in this case, is 21 liters.

The HRF-810DU8 includes other facilities such as two folding bottle racks, so that they do not take up space when they are empty, and two ice dispensers . The inside of the doors is also used for storage, thanks to some balcony-type compartments. Both drawers and shelves can be quickly removed for easy cleaning.

It will take until the second half of 2014 for both the Haier HB25FGUAAA and the Haier HRF-810DU8 to be distributed at the points of sale.