2012 calendar to print, download free templates

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We are ending the year and many are already preparing the arrival of 2012 . It seems like yesterday when we premiered Millennium , but twelve years have passed. If you are proactive, you will love that we tell you how you can make your own calendar through some templates posted online . In this way, you can create a completely personalized calendar, made your way, without having to resort to the classic blocks that are put up for sale. So you can even enter photos, select your most important dates and make the notes that interest you most. Then you will have the option to print the sheets in your own homeand even give your most personal calendars to family and friends. Next, we will tell you how you can do it in the easiest and simplest way .

The truth is that at the moment there are still few templates that have been published for the year 2012 . However, there are templates that can be modified at will, with the year and month you want . These are the ones Microsoft offers on the calendar generator page . One of the best is the one that we have published in images at the top, since the user has the option of specifying the days and months with a fun background and with enough space to write birthdays and other designated dates. In sight it is.

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But if you don't want a one-month-per-page calendar , you'll also have the option to select a one-page yearly calendar. The template offered by Microsoft allows you to choose from a wide enough range of years (1900-9999) so that each year you can post a new calendar. This will not allow you to include annotations, since the spaces are too small. In this case, you will have to adapt the template to your needs through the Microsoft Excel program and the forms that are already enabled for the occasion. It will be practical if you want to see all the months of the year at a single glance. In any case, you can consult all thetemplates offered by Microsoft through this link , selecting the one that interests you the most.

perpetual calendar 2012

But this is not all, because as you know, the Hewlett Packard company usually offers a page with calendars available for printing . This year they have expanded the offer, so that you can create beautiful calendars. One of the most interesting is the perpetual calendar that you can see above, adorned with illustrations of Puss in Boots. You will see that you have to do some important origami work , but things can go very well for you to enjoy with the children . You can download and print it for free , since HP makes it available to us. The good thing about this calendar is that it is perpetual, so you can always have it on the table or in the children's room, as a very beautiful decoration object .

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But this is not the only option. You can also create a normal calendar , selecting the year 2012 and uploading personal photos, landscapes or illustrations that you especially like. Then you can also create annotations on each specific date, so that the calendar can be useful. If you want to give it away, you can also personalize it - month by month - and print it in your own home. That easy. You can consult all of the HP templates through this link , where you will find a large assortment of useful and free templates to download .

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If you want to add your favorite photos to each page of the calendar, you can access this calendar for 2012 , which will allow you to change the templates at will and add the photo of your children , your siblings, parents; your favorite landscapes, and so on. From this page, you can also design other templates to create greeting cards or photo albums in digital format . Within the same page that we offer you, you will see direct access to these functions. But if what you want is to see events and other dates , the most suitable (and also free) calendar for you is the one that we present, with many illustrations that indicate the day ofValentine's, Saint Patrick's , Alfred Hitchcock's , Albert Einstein's birthday or jelly beans day. You can download it by clicking on the following link .


If you are a fan of Zodiac questions , you are also in luck. And there is a 2012 calendar customized with all the signs of the zodiac. You can access it by clicking on this link and you will have the option to customize it to your liking . Once you have finished, you can save it on your computer and print it to hang it in your room or give it away. But if there is a calendar that we liked, it is the one called Bold Numeric Monthly Calendar . It is a customizable calendar that incorporates a much thicker font, perfectly combined colors and a style very similar to that of the most classic agendas. You can highlight all the dates you want and print or save it later.

bold numeric

If you want to adapt your calendar a little more - being able to include photos and personal events - you can choose one of the payment options that HP also offers . One of the most striking is the 2012 Fill in Squares III , a calendar that allows you to personalize every day, which will come in handy if you are one of those who cannot miss any birthdays . Now, if you are a lover of canine affairs, you have the opportunity to download the Canine Companion calendar for free , a series of dog templates in which you can insert photos of your animalsor other dogs you have an affinity for. In fact, in it you can write down any question related to your pet, including visits to the vet, health checks , and so on.


But this is not all, because you can create a calendar in three dimensions ; or print pages with the twelve months of the year and with a personalized photo . If you want to create a calendar on a single page, you can download different models with various decorative motifs. One of the most interesting is the one with butterflies , another designed for the smallest of the house or even another decorated for golf lovers . If you want you can also create a magnetic calendar to entertain children, for women , or for fans of NBA basketball . In fact, within this page you can choosedozens of individual calendars (with the months on the same sheet) or find the option you like best within the monthly calendars (one month per page), both free and paid.