How to get an alert when an Amazon product drops in price

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Surely it has ever happened to you that you browse Amazon to find that product that you have been wanting to buy for so long but at the last minute you regret and interrupt the purchase process because at that moment something happens that you do not have time or simply because it seems too expensive. You abandon the task and days later you want to try to buy it again and the product is much more expensive or is no longer for sale.

This is one of the main drawbacks that arise when buying online, products go up and down in price, or appear and disappear without you having the opportunity to notice it. Our lives go too fast and time is so short that there is never the right time to get those sneakers that you have liked so much and that Amazon has on sale.

If that's your problem, you're in luck. In an attempt to find a solution to this problem, two Spanish developers have created Monitorizo , a kind of warning for Amazon price drops . It is a portal that alerts you if a product has dropped in price or shows you if it is the best time to buy based on the sales history and prices of the product in question.

This page is very useful to point out all the products that interest us or may become interested if their price changes. We will receive alerts every time your price changes. It's a great way to save money but also time, as you won't need to waste your precious time browsing Amazon to find what you want. It will be Monitorizo ​​who will do it for you. You can establish searches by product categories, for example Shoes, Clothing and accessories, Computers, Home, Electronics ... or by product name, for example New Balance Shoes. In either case, Monitorizo ​​will create alerts every time there is news.

In addition to notifying us every time a product drops in price, Monitorizo also shows us a graph with the evolution of the price of each item, since there are many situations in which a product is more expensive at a certain time of year. For example, a sweatshirt can be more expensive in winter and a swimsuit in summer, due to demand. Monitorizo advises you at the time when you should buy a product to find it at the best price.

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Currently working with Amazon Spain, but the goal is to reach all markets

Currently, Monitorizo only works for Amazon Spain , although the page is hosted in the United States . The goal is to introduce this technology in all markets where the global giant of Internet sales is present . An objective that seems ambitious, but if it were to be achieved, it would increase traffic in a brutal way and with it, logically, income.