devolo dLAN 550 WiFi, we have tested it

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Your Expert RecommendedThe devolo dLAN 550 WiFi (Starter Kit) is a set of two Powerline adapters for transmitting the Internet signal over the electrical network. It consists of a main adapter that connects to the router and a secondary adapter that can be plugged into any electrical outlet in the house . This second device incorporates an Ethernet port and WiFi functionality to connect all our equipment such as PC, smartphones or Smart TV. The devolo dLAN 550 WiFi achieves speeds of up to 300 Mbps via WiFi and 500 Mbps via Powerline. We can already find this kit on the market for a price of120 euros with two adapters. The price for a single adapter is 80 euros, while if we want the most complete kit of three adapters (one to connect to the router and two to transmit the signal) the price goes up to 180 euros . We have had the opportunity to test these equipment in depth, we tell you our impressions.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Commissioning: first steps

Quick setup, buttons with LED indicators for ease of process

One of the questions that immediately arise with this type of proposal is the difficulty of installation. In the case of the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi , the process is quite simple and in less than five minutes we will be able to have the alternative network working through electrical current. To do this, you have to follow these steps:

1. The first thing to do is connect the main adapter (the large adapter) to an electrical outlet. It is recommended that it be a free socket and not the plug of a power strip . Then we take advantage of one of its sockets to connect it to the router through an Ethernet cable (the kit includes a cable) . The adapter's LED light should blink.

2. Second, we write down the WiFi password that appears on the small adapter (and that will help us to enter the network).

3. Next, we connect the small adapter to another outlet. As once the network is configured, this adapter can be taken to any outlet in the house, I recommend doing it in a nearby outlet for convenience. Initially, the LED light with the house icon blinks red until about a minute passes, and then stays solid white.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Initial status of the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi adapter

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Adapter ready to encrypt the connection

4. We press on the button of the house and then we have a couple of minutes to press the button on the side of the large adapter. This step serves to ensure the encryption of the data of the connection, and for a few seconds we will see how the LED lights of the two adapters blink until they remain static.

5. From now on, we can connect to the devolo network (in our case the name is “devolo-b0e”). The small adapter can be switched plugs at any time without having to reconfigure the process.

In short, a simple and fairly fast process that, at least in our case, has not caused any problems.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Devolo Technologies

WiFi Move, WiFi Clone, range + technology

The devolo dLAN 550 WiFi includes several technologies that improve its final performance and that make installation much easier. One of the ones we like the most is WiFi Move. Thanks to it, after we have configured the adapter for the first time we can take it to any outlet on the network without having to go through this process again . You just have to wait a few seconds for it to sync and it will start working. Another interesting technology is WiFi Clone , which is used to automatically transmit the connection used in an installed network adapter to our new adapter.

The German company also wanted to emphasize its range + technology, designed to improve the stability of the network and to increase the range of coverage through the electrical network. The maximum range of the network created through these adapters is placed at 400 meters . And the great advantage over the WiFi network is that there is hardly any loss of speed through the electrical network.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Managing the adapters

devolo Cockpit, intuitive management through the browser, dedicated apps for mobile devices

One of the aspects in which devolo has advanced the most in these years is in its platforms to manage the operation of Powerline adapters. Users have the option of installing the Cockpit application on their computer or using one of the apps available for the Android platform.

devolo Cockpit

devolo Cockpit (Windows or Mac computer)

In the first case, this application is used to check the status of the network at a glance with a visual map of the dLAN adapters . In principle, only the two adapters that come with the starter kit will appear, but later we can add new adapters of the brand (even from other families). One of the aspects that we liked the most about this program is the sample of the transmission speed that each of the connected adapters has. This appears every time we click on one of the adapters shown on the map. As we said at the beginning, the ceiling is at 500 Mbps, which can give us a clear idea of ​​whether we have deployed the network correctly or if it is encountering an obstacle. In our case, the figures have always been above 450 Mbps (generally around 490 Mbps ).

Among the options available we have to add a new devolo dLAN adapter, with an explanatory drawing to carry out this process (which should only take a couple of minutes). We can also set a password for the entire network from here. This menu gives us the option of creating a secure password , an interesting proposal but which has the disadvantage that it will be more difficult to remember. The next button is used to update the map with the new connected adapters. From the general options menu you can return to the factory settings of the adapters or choose whether to send a performance report to devolo . Finally, the updates button allows us to update the firmware and the newsletter receive offers and promotions from the brand.

Now, to access the options of each adapter separately, you have to click on the drawing of each one of them and wait for a list with several small icons to open on the right. The nut icon is the one that opens the options. For the main adapter, a window opens with options such as turning off the LEDs to save power, prohibit data transmission, or return the adapter to factory settings . Meanwhile, if we open the options of the small adapter, we are redirected to the browser.

Browser platform on devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Management via browser

The German company has deployed a web platform to control the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi with a very attractive and easy-to-understand interface , with good-sized icons. We quite liked this portal, both for the visual interface and for the clarity when showing the different options. There are a large number of features that we can control from the browser. We can change the name of the network or its password and establish the type of security. We can create restrictions to use the connection at certain hours or limit its use to a certain amount of time. Or even create backup copies of device settings. The only point that we did not like about this interface is that every time we enter the browser from the Cockpit , the default language is set back to English (at least in our case).

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Management via mobile

When it comes to controlling the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi , we also have the option to access it directly through one of the dedicated apps for iOS and Android. These applications are my devolo and devolo Cockpit. The interface is much simpler than that of the browser or the PC version, but it is just enough to be able to set the main options of these adapters. When using these apps, we have experienced some problems recognizing the adapter. Personally, I would recommend carrying out the devolo configuration tasks through the PC, especially if we want to have more advanced control over the equipment.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Speed ​​tests

We have put the speed of the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi to the test to get a closer look at its speed in a traditional home. In this case, in a duplex with around 70 square meters of surface . This is not a comprehensive test, but a sample to see how this adapter performs in a typical environment. To carry out the tests we have connected the adapter to three different sockets (short distance, medium distance and long distance), and compared the connection speed through WiFi with respect to the network connection of our router. By the way, the connection that has been tested is Orange with 20 Mbps and the page used for the Speedtest test . These are the results:

Speed ​​comparison table

devolo dLAN 550 WiFiDistance from the router (approx.)Speed ​​Powerline adapter (2 meters from adapter) Traditional WiFi speed (at the same points)
Plug 14 meters7.58 Mbps download / 0.75 Mbps upload WiFi7.57 Mbps download / 0.75 Mbps upload
Plug 212 meters7.58 Mbps download / 0.75 Mbps upload7.56 Mbps download / 0.76 Mbps upload
Plug 325 meters (upper floor)7.56 Mbps download / 0.75 Mbps upload7.48 Mbps download / 0.76 Mbps upload

You can see how the difference in speeds increases the greater the distance. This effect will be more pronounced in larger homes and offices, which are the environments this adapter is intended for.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Design and connections

Compact design of the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi, Ethernet ports, LED indicators

The devolo dLAN adapters use a characteristic white color that is designed to be as inconspicuous as possible in our home. The main adapter has a remarkable size. It is appreciated that the company has included an outlet to the adapter itself , so that a free plug is not carried when we install it at home. This computer includes two Ethernet ports. One of them is used to create the Powerline network (it is plugged into the router), but the other can be used to connect a computer, a console or a Smart TV directly via cable.

The devolo dLAN 550 WiFi adapter has a more compact format and is easily concealed (especially if the wall is painted white). In this case, we also find a port to connect an Ethernet cable. This option is very interesting to make the most of the network signal transmitted through electrical current.

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi

Price and reviews

 120 euros per pack, technologies to facilitate network deployment, attractive management interface

The devolo dLAN 550 WiFi Starter Kit is a set of two adapters that is competitively priced at 120 euros. In case we want the individual adapter to expand the network, its price is 80 euros, while the set with a main adapter and two adapters to extend the network is placed at 180 euros . In short, we are facing an alternative proposal that works very well in large houses with dead spots or in the office environment. Among the aspects that we liked the most about this gadget is the ease with which it is installed (In less than five minutes it can be configured and working), the great steps forward that devolo has taken in the management interface and its WiFi Move and WiFi Clone technologies to facilitate its use in new outlets and add new devices to the network.

Devolo website

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi Starter Kit

Modeldevolo dLAN 550 WiFi Starter Kit
TypeSet of two adapters to carry the Internet signal through the electrical network


ScopeUp to 400 meters (Powerline)

Up to 300 meters (WiFi)

StandardsIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.11 b, g, n (2.4 GHz Single Band), IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 1901 Auto MDI / X Wi-Fi Alliance
Maximum speedsThrough Powerline: Up to 500 Mpbs

Via WiFi: Up to 300 Mbps

Technologies2 × 2 MIMO (for a more stable network signal)

range +

WiFi Move

WiFi Clone

SecurityWPA / WPA2


MAC address filter

Wi-Fi usage time scheduling

128 Bit AES encryption

Ethernet2 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports on main adapter (one available)

1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port on the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi adapter


Dimensions68 x 68 x 41 mm (devolo dLAN 550 WiFi adapter)
Buttons and LEDsButton to sync WPS

Button to sync adapter

Two LEDs on the buttons

Antennas2 internal antennas


Pcdevolo Cockpit, management via browser
Smartphone and tabletApp my devolo, devolo Cockpit
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android devices

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websitedevolo

Price 120 euros the Starter Kit