This is the reason why you can't watch Netflix in 4K on your PC

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Netflix in its most complete plan has the possibility of streaming in 4K. While in telephones this quality is not usable, in computers and multimedia centers things change completely. Unfortunately the function is not compatible with all computers . Not even with all browsers. This is why Netflix's final quality is limited to 720 frames (720p HD) or 1,080 at best. The solution will depend on whether or not we meet the requirements that Netflix imposes to watch 4K videos.

Microsoft Edge: the only browser compatible with Netflix in 4K

So is. Not Google Chrome, not Mozilla Firefox, not even Apple's Safari. While the first two are limited to displaying content in HD, that is, 720, Apple's browser supports 1080p viewing.

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Of all of them, the only one that supports Netflix's native resolution is Microsoft Edge. In case of opting for Internet Explorer, the maximum resolution supported by the browser is 1080p. The route time would be as follows:

  • Microsoft Edge : 4K quality
  • Internet Explorer : 1080p
  • Safari : 1080p
  • Google Chrome : 720p
  • Mozilla Firefox : 720p

Another option is to use the Netflix application that we can download from the Microsoft Store so as not to depend on the mentioned browser.

If your computer does not have a seventh generation Intel processor, forget about 4K

Essential requirement not only to watch Netflix in 4K, but to enjoy any other content in 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. This is due to the HDCP 2.2 content protection standard and the H.265 specification embedded by default in all 7th generation Intel processors onwards. That is, those with a 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx or 1xxxx numbering.

If we have an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, this support extends to the GTX models of the ninth generation onwards (Nvidia GTX 9xx and 1xxx), RTX models (Nvidia RTX 2xxx) and all models of the RX series (AMD RX 4xx and RX 5xx).

This is the reason why you cannot watch Netflix in 4K on your PC 1

To know both the processor model and the type of graphics card that our computer mounts, just right click on the Windows logo and click on System . Next we will be shown a screen like the one we can see above this paragraph.

Be careful with your computer screen and Internet connection

The last requirement that we will have to meet to watch Netflix in Ultra HD has to do with the screen or monitor of our computer and the Internet connection.

If we have a monitor with 4K resolution, we will have to make sure that it has the HDCP 2.2 protocols and the H.265 codec . Although our computer is compatible with both protocols, the company restricts viewing on all televisions, monitors, projectors and screens in general that do not meet these two specifications.

Regarding the Internet connection, the minimum speed with which Netflix streams its content in 4K is 25 Mbps. The map followed by the web is as follows:

  • SD quality : 3 Mbps
  • Full HD quality : 5 Mbps
  • 4K Ultra HD quality : 25 Mbps

Remember: not all series and movies are in 4K

Currently the list of titles available in 4K is quite limited. The total number of series and films does not exceed 200 titles . You can take a look at this other article to know some of the most popular titles available in 4K.