Word Templates - Party Invitations


Today we can use email to summon our acquaintances to a party at home (or wherever). We save the envelope and the stamp. But this fast and comfortable system does not save us from adding a little love and imagination to our invitations.

As we know that not everyone has the time or skill to create a lucid card, we are going to show you some default templates for the Microsoft Word program .

You can download them all for free and without having to enter the program's validation codes. All you have to do is fill in the fields for the date, time and place of the celebration. Let's start with the quintessential invitation parties: birthdays . With this first template you will get a card decorated with festive hats and streamers. You can open the template with any version after Word 97 (inclusive).


This other template is decorated with a birthday cake. It works with the same Word versions as the previous one and is also in card format. Its advantage is that it contains fields to enter the address and data of the recipient, so you could put it in the mailbox by simply putting a stamp on it. In addition, it has a space where you can place a map of the location of the party.If you are going to organize another type of party, you can always use other more general cards. For example, for an inauguration, there is the sobriety of this template .


If it is a more informal act, this other template has a more cheerful decoration. And if you like costumes, try this Halloween party invitation template , which has a witch flying on a broomstick on the cover and the interior decorated with bats.


You may not like the images in these templates. In this case you can change it for another. Take a look at this gallery of images and you may find a more suitable one. You can also use your own photos and images, if you want to give it a more personal touch. And that's it. Templates for everyone and to the taste of the consumer.

Then each one chooses whether to put it in the mailbox of a lifetime or attach it to an email message.