Google Chrome 24, now available for download

Google Chrome

Continuing with its policy of constant updates, Google has launched a new installment of its Chrome browser. The most used program for surfing the web (according to data from StatCounter ) is already in its 24th version . The main improvement that we will find in this version is a slight increase in browsing speed , the inclusion of favorites during searches that we carry out in the top bar (called Omnibox by Google ) or various solutions to errors and vulnerabilities found in the browser. We tell you all the news about Chrome 24and we offer you a download link at the end of the article.

One of the problems when dealing with the update policy of Chrome and Firefox (which decided to emulate Google's policy ) is that in each new version few new features are introduced that can make you lose the overview of the progress of the program. One of the aspects that has wanted to highlight Google in this release is the increased speed in navigating a 26% . However, it must be taken into account that this improvement has been recorded for a year , and that the improvement compared to Chrome 25 is quite small, so it is difficult for the user to experience a considerable increase in speed.

Different is the case of Firefox , which has also just launched a new version of its browser and which has announced an increase in speed (compared to the previous version) of around 25%. Going back to Chrome , another change that we find is the inclusion of suggestions among our favorite pages when searching the Omnibox . The Omnibox is the address bar converted to a search engine when we start to write any term. The suggestions appear according to the prefix (that is, if we write "droid", a saved page will not appear as a suggestion to be viewed on Android, but it will if we write "and").

Chrome speed preview

Another improvement that have been introduced with this release is an increase in the speed with which the print menu of Google Cloud Print is loaded , the tool Google to print via any networked printer. Work has also been done to improve Chrome's startup speed . At the developer level, the main change is in the compatibility with the MathML language , which is used to introduce mathematical formulas on the web.

In addition to these -few- news, Google has taken advantage of this launch to solve twenty-four security holes , eleven of them considered highly dangerous, eight medium-level and five low-level. For some time now, the company has rewarded researchers who report these types of holes. With the release of Chrome 24 , around 4,500 euros have been paid to private investigators. Definitely the latest version of ChromeIt was a launch that emphasizes stability and solving various vulnerabilities, rather than improving browser performance. Users who already have the program installed and have automatic update enabled will receive this version the next time they start Chrome .

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